This instructable was started because of a school project. The project was to make a flat pack costume out of cardboard. The costume had to fit a child age 10-13. Our group chose the theme nektons, so i made a jellyfish costume.

Design Brief: Make a flat pack costume out of cardboard using only slotted construction.

Specs: The costume is made for a child in middle school, around ages 10-13, and can is made only of cardboard.

Limits: The costume can only be made of cardboard using no adhesives to hold it together.

1. Cardboard

1. Ruler
2. Box Cutter/ Utility Knife
3. Cutting Mat

1. Tentacles
2. Body Piece 1
3. Body Piece 2

Step 1: Making the Tentacles

Making the tentacles (P1):

1. Measure out a 15" by 2" rectangle with a ruler (T1)

2. Cut it out of the cardboard with a utility knife (T2)
Awesome! It's nice to have a costume that is easy to carry around!

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