Just a little side note that I did not make this video.
Enjoy it.

This guy has a whole orchestra of "Veggie Instruments" on his youtube channel(http://www.youtube.com/user/heita3). You should check them out, there's some pretty cool things he made.

Step 1: Another Cool Video- Carrot Clarinet

Wow! That was so cool! I would do that if I was artistic.
Where did he get a clarinet mouthpiece with that weird bottom?<br>
First of - LOL!<br>Second, the first guy was better since his entire instrument was carrot, but the second one wasn't too bad either.
Shouldn't this be in the forums?
that is pretty awesome :-)
This really proves that only a bad workman blames his his tools!
i saw this video earlier and was about to post
This isnt an instructable, but it is hilarious!

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