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I wanted a case for all my games to keep in the house, so I could store their plastic boxes out-of-sight, but all the cases I found online would only hold 8. This isn't meant for travel, since it holds so many games. However, you can alter everything about this pattern; making it smaller, adding handles, adding ties instead of Velcro, or making it more folio-styled with a zip, etc.

I used leftover fabric from a pair of trousers, and I ransacked an old pencil case for the plastic. I didn't use exact measurements. I did most of it by eye, so it's a bit wonky, but the potential for making something really professional-looking is there, if you take more care than I did. It was also my first project of this nature. I only things I've ever made before is a pair of curtains, and a cosmetic case with a zip.

What you need:

~ very basic sewing skills
~ a sewing machine
~ standard sewing notions, like thread, scissors, pins, etc.
~ fabric, the amount dependant on size of project.
~ bias tape or fabric for the edges, or anything to decorate it.
~ plastic for the games slots, if you want, but can use fabric.
~ Depending on size, detail, and skill, about 6 hours/weekend?
~ a presser foot that will work with plastic
~ patience!


Hey I loved this so much I made my own smaller folding version - if you would like to see what you inspired its here - http://emmascraftingadventures.blogspot.co.uk/2014/01/nintendo-ds-game-case.html

D.L.H.6 years ago
This is very unique
loit D.L.H.4 years ago
yeah this was a great idea i made it already is so cool thanks for posting!- 11 years old, anna
McKayla20135 years ago
WOW great tips i googled how to make one and it wouldnt show me the results and my friend told me about this i used just black and white fabric with bright color ends for the tips i got some iron patches and made my name and did the deco that way it looks awesome

Atomman6 years ago
Cool! Kinda odd shape, I would use all black fabric and make it smaller.
This is a pretty cool idea, and I'll probably make one once I can find some good plastic to use. One thing I'd add to it would be a pouch for stylus's (styli?), because if your DS is anything like mine, the designated stylus hole has kind of worn down and there's no friction to just keep the stylus from falling out.
sewer276 years ago
I think this looks awesome. I have a sewing machine but it is currently broken. So I will make one tomorrow but try just sewing by hand. If that doesn't work I'll just wait until my sewing machine is fixed! Thanks for the great instructions!!!!
CoolJB7 years ago
If I did have the materials,I would make one of these. =P
xrissy (author)  CoolJB7 years ago
This was mainly recycled.... I made it using old cordoroy jeans, the stripey bit for the inner was an old pencil roll case, and the plastic can be made from really cheap pencil cases .... A supermarket had them on sale for .34 pence. :)
pence, you live in England don't you. for those who dont kjnow a pence is roughly 2 cents.
edrainkona8 years ago
This also works with regular DS Games, FTW. (They're the same size.)
I dont understand why everybody calls it a DS lite by default, its just a Ds or nintendo DS. I have the original DS in blue and im never going to change it for a lite
well, by my standards, the ds lite is much better. as told by the "lite" portion of the name, it has a brighter backlight, making it much easier to see whatever game you are playing. I love interacting between games, and I have a ds lite, but I am saving up so I can trade in my crappy regular ds for another lite. my original ds is also in blue. it sucks. however, this is simply an opinion, but I felt the need to explain to you what the difference between the two are. also, very good tutorial, I made a pillow in home ec back in school, and I have basic sewing skills, so this project will be awesome! thanks a lot!
The lite is smaller and brighter, but the DS has more reliable slots. my lite works about 1/5 of the time, while my DS works about 4/5 of the time. it's not worth it to buy a lite, unless you don't have a DS, which they have stopped selling.
1) THEY ARE NOT DS LITE GAMES! they are just plain DS games. they'll work on both versions. 2) there are about fifty EASIER ways to do this, and most of them are cheaper and more efficient.
smeata7 years ago
looks cool. or as cool as anything sewn can look lol. im gonna make one tomorrow when im sober. but i think mine wont need as many game slots, you cant have that many games?
xrissy (author)  smeata6 years ago
"as cool as anything sewn can look" LOL I know! Well, I thought we'd buy a ton of games, so I made it future-proof. Unfortunately, we sell them when we get bored, so we've never, ever filled it up. I think the nice thing about this instructable is that there IS no pattern really, so you can make it as big or small as you want and adapt it for anything. I'm thinking of making a new one that will look better (since my skills have improved), and make it smallllller. :O) Thanks for all the nice comments
looks great!
Doctor What7 years ago
Very nice. I don't have quite that many games to make another case, but when I do...
yes it will be useful if I have a nintendo ds
CMKJubilee7 years ago
On the whole "homebrew" debate, I see it like this: You buy your own game, then copy it as a backup. If you break the first one, you'll have another one as if it never happened.
CMKJubilee7 years ago
Hey, I'm gonna try this for my UMDs. Kudos, and Thanks a bunch!! I've been looking for a way to make my own!
Gizmo_gal7 years ago
I'm going to make a case for my Handhelds plus games, but this one is a little to much for me. I cant really use a sewing machine (I actually sewed my hand to the fabric and my sister got me loose by using manicure scissors and slowly pulling the thread out slowly. All the way up side of my hand and pinky. after that my mom banned me from using it. I tried again a few times later but I nearly did the same thing. I think I need something simpler or something I could sew by hand.)
kitty_lld7 years ago
kool i made one i think that this pics is kool!!!!
Love it love it love it. I was trying to figure out what to do with all the games now I know. I am going to get my DD to make one for her and her brother. Thanks.
tyler_rocks7 years ago
very nice looks pretty good
Very nice,too bad I have terrible sewing skills and don't know how to rethread my basically toy sewing machine.
xrissy (author)  Kaitlinthegreat7 years ago

I got a janome and when I started, I was scourign the instruction manual every two seconds. I think the only things you need to know that you can't find in the manual is that heavier fabrics need bigger thread and needles. :P Mostly, I don't have ANY special skills, and I really think with patience, anyone can make this. if you got to http://u-handbag.typepad.com/uhandblog/
she has amazing tutorials on bag making, which has been a revelation. I think the biggest changes I've made to the way I sew (since this really amateur post) is getting a cutting mat, rotary cutter, and keeping my iron on hand to press first.

I'm making a bag for a friend for xmas, and I'm amazed how it's turned out!

Just don't worry, you can do anything you put your mind to! Cheers :) Christina
I think this is great! My son is starting to be interested in sewing, and this is just the project to spark his imagination! Thanks for sharing. Oh, also a tip: for sewing on anything sticky like plastic, use a teflon foot (or "glide" foot) for your sewing machine. Or, you can insert some tissue paper between the plastic and the foot, but that's a little cumbersome and not entirely predictable. Your buttonfoot use was very creative.
xrissy (author)  OneGirlCircus7 years ago
!! Thanks for your help. I knew I needed a special foot, but as I said, I am very amateur, and didn't really know what. In hindsight, I suppose I should have surfed net to find out. The button foot did the job, but I had to slide it back each time it would ride up. So v. annoying. I need to stock up on special feet! Thanks for that. Also I would suggest (after loading it up w/ games) to space out the rows differently so it rolls up nicely, mine feels a bit chunky in places. Hope you and your son enjoy making it! :O)
lordwilliam7 years ago
nice very nice i might make one of these i have some GGA/ds cardtige cases and they are rubbish you acctually need a GBA cartirage to use em and stop the ds things fallin out
g123453898 years ago
i see pokemon pearl
i see a rare Japanese wario ware with yellow insted of orange logo sticker how much you want for it
2nd on top?
jonosf8 years ago
Looks like ya need to get some more games to fill it up! Similar to what some friends made for all my knitting needles. Another project to add to my never ending list! ciao
TangMu8 years ago
This is great, am definately going to try this when i get hold of a sewing machine.
nepheron8 years ago
cool idea