Step 7: Building the Ears, part 1

Picture of Building the Ears, part 1
I like to build the ears on my wigs first, then build around the finished ears. Ears are one of the trickiest parts, so it's best to get them done completely before you move on.

Ears are usually placed about two finger widths back from the front edge of the wig cap. I mark out the basic positions of the ears, but I don't always stay perfectly within the lines. The picture shows quite clearly where I mark out the basic position of the wig parts.

Take one of the longer plugs, and place a dot of hot glue on the knot. Hold the stray ends far from glue and carefully place the plug on the approximate outline of your ear.

Repeat to form the outline of the ear. Place the knots right next to each other, to form a tight and secure ear.