Step 5: Using the boom/tripod....

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The boom can be used overhead to record craft projects as detailed in the photos or as a tripod with the ¼” inch hex nut in the bottom of the adapter plate.  The boom is portable and will break down into component parts for storage or travel.  Other ideas for the boom include using it as a copy stand to photograph books or magazines.  I’m sure people could think of many other uses for it too.  Try it and see!
whoofoto2 years ago
Thanks for this idea. I like the platform which holds the camera not only facing down but also adapted to work with your little tripod. I'll make a platform for my TMobile MyTouch smartphone. I'll tinker with this for holding the smartphone in a safe to view position when using the GPS function in a car.
auntikays2 years ago
This is a really cool instructable! I've been wanting something like this so I could take pictures for my blog and keep both hands frree but I could never figure out a way to get a tripod-ish device that would aim my camera down or on an angle. Never thought to make a boom! Thanks for sharing!