Picture of How to Make a Charcoal Chimney
Lighting charcoal briquettes without lighter fluid is easy with this homemade Charcoal Chimney. While you can easily buy one of these things for under $15 at your local hardware mega-store this one can be built for practically free.

This is my very first Instructable.

Step 1: Opening The Can

Picture of Opening The Can
Materials Needed

  • 1 #10 tin can (coffee can)
  • 1 can opener
  • 1 church key
  • 2 Wire coat hangers
  • 1 drill with a 1/8" drill bit
  • 1 pair of diagonal cutters
  • 1 pair of needle nose pliers

With the can opener remove both ends to form a basic chimney
MikefromOH11 months ago

May I suggest that you use the church key to create your vent holes before you cut the bottom out of the can? The can is more resistant to bending with the bottom in place.


ColindeBin3 years ago
Best. Instruction. Ever! 20 minutes my charcoal chimney was cooking away. perfect!
psyci7 years ago
We used to build these in the Boy Scouts before we did charcoal cooking. We used to make dozens of them so every patrol could use a few of them to cook, and when you need dozens of charcoal lighters, these can't be beat. (If you just need one of them for your own house or frequent use... get a commercial one.)