Picture of How to Make a Cheap Jewelry Display
For people like me who have wayyyyyyyyy too much jewelry and no where to store it, this thing's a dream come true! It's so simple, you're gonna kill yourself for not thinking of it. You have a place to hang lots of earrings, necklaces, and a couple of bracelets even!

Step 1: What You Need:

Picture of What You Need:
This Project Only needs a few items.

You will need:

~A frame of any size (Should be wood)
~Either screening or a piece of material
~A staple Gun
~Staples for the staple gun (duhhhh....)
~2 small nails (Not shown in the picture)
~A tack hammer (Again, not shown)
~Scissors (Not shown in the picture)


About the screening: I would recommend using screen, but since I didn't have any to make this, mine is done with jersey knit fabric (Just a cut up old tee)
MattanJames5 years ago
Its very important to have Good jewelry display for gaining attraction of other, the above mentioned image looks simple but Good.
L0ch_n3ss6 years ago
Simple, and a perfect quick organization tool... I'm thinking the back of my mirror in my medicine cabinet. :)
bllrmdncr6 years ago
One of my favorite jewelry booths at our saturday market uses the same idea, but she uses a couple tri-fold screens, and keeps the silver separated from the gold on the different panels.
Wezy7 years ago
This is nice. Somebody taught me to make an earring holder with a piece of lace and an embroidery hoop. Hang it on the wall. Similar idea, a little bit faster.
Noadi7 years ago
I made some frames very much like this for bringing to art festivals. They work great for pins as well as earrings.
scmtngirl7 years ago
Yep, I made one of these a while back but used an old (but clean) oil splatter screen instead of fabric. I also left the original photograph in the frame as a background, which is fun.
LinuxH4x0r7 years ago
Looks good. I personally prefer shadow boxes
apburner7 years ago
Why would I want to display cheap jewelry. ;-) LOL just kidding Good instructable Steve
I made one of these before, but mine was a decorative metal frame and I used window screening. I hot glued the screening on the back of the frame instead of using staples. Good Job!
Thornburg7 years ago
Looks nice for homemade.
Sunbanks7 years ago
That's a great idea! And so easy too! I could really use one of these, I have so many earrings all shoved in a drawer of a jewelry box and I can never find the right ones.
CreativeChick8 (author)  Sunbanks7 years ago
exactly it's purpose. and When I can find the right earring, I usually can't find its match. lol. : )
I made one out of one of the smaller picture frames I have :D