How to Make a Cheap Jewelry Display





Introduction: How to Make a Cheap Jewelry Display

For people like me who have wayyyyyyyyy too much jewelry and no where to store it, this thing's a dream come true! It's so simple, you're gonna kill yourself for not thinking of it. You have a place to hang lots of earrings, necklaces, and a couple of bracelets even!

Step 1: What You Need:

This Project Only needs a few items.

You will need:

~A frame of any size (Should be wood)
~Either screening or a piece of material
~A staple Gun
~Staples for the staple gun (duhhhh....)
~2 small nails (Not shown in the picture)
~A tack hammer (Again, not shown)
~Scissors (Not shown in the picture)


About the screening: I would recommend using screen, but since I didn't have any to make this, mine is done with jersey knit fabric (Just a cut up old tee)

Step 2: Frame

In this case, the thicker the frame the better. That way you don't have to be a champion sharpshooter to get the staples actually all the way in the frame. It should be wood. Remember, you can always paint it!

So now turn over your frame and lay the fabric wrong-side down (if you have a wrong side) over the back of the frame.

Step 3: Stapling

So Now Pull the fabric or screen taught (The tighter it is, the better) and staple all sides. Especially corners, because they tend to pucker.

Step 4: Cut

So now, just cut off the excess fabric. make sure not to cut TOO close to the staples. Turn the frame over now and then to check how the front is looking.

Step 5: Flip It and Nail It (wow That Sounded Dirty) ; )

Now just flip the frame over. you now have a place for your earrings, but now you need a place for those bracelets and necklaces. Al you do is take 2 nails and nail them into the top corners of the frame. Now you can hang those jewels!

Step 6: Now Just Use It!

Great! all done!!!

Now just fill and enjoy! Any comments or questions are appreciated.



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    Its very important to have Good jewelry display for gaining attraction of other, the above mentioned image looks simple but Good.

    Simple, and a perfect quick organization tool... I'm thinking the back of my mirror in my medicine cabinet. :)

    One of my favorite jewelry booths at our saturday market uses the same idea, but she uses a couple tri-fold screens, and keeps the silver separated from the gold on the different panels.


    This is nice. Somebody taught me to make an earring holder with a piece of lace and an embroidery hoop. Hang it on the wall. Similar idea, a little bit faster.

    I made some frames very much like this for bringing to art festivals. They work great for pins as well as earrings.

    Yep, I made one of these a while back but used an old (but clean) oil splatter screen instead of fabric. I also left the original photograph in the frame as a background, which is fun.


    Looks good. I personally prefer shadow boxes

    Why would I want to display cheap jewelry. ;-) LOL just kidding Good instructable Steve

    I made one of these before, but mine was a decorative metal frame and I used window screening. I hot glued the screening on the back of the frame instead of using staples. Good Job!

    Looks nice for homemade.

    That's a great idea! And so easy too! I could really use one of these, I have so many earrings all shoved in a drawer of a jewelry box and I can never find the right ones.

    2 replies

    exactly it's purpose. and When I can find the right earring, I usually can't find its match. lol. : )

    I made one out of one of the smaller picture frames I have :D