Step 6: Use it

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Place any container large enough to allow the magnetic stir bar to fit and start agitating/stirring! Since this unit is so small, you can place it on your desk and use it to stir your cold drinks. I wouldn't recommend hot drinks though, heat will cause the polymorph stir bar to soften and lose shape. If you want an improvement, you can try embedding magnets in ceramic and glazing the stir bar.
limpport2 years ago
Are the fan blades necessary to keep attached? It would spin faster without them, unless it makes it spin too fast....

(Then you'll need a resistor or potentiometer!)
If you raise the fain up off the surface it'll run more efficiently by allowing the air to flow through.
Krayzi993 years ago
Would you be able to use hot glue for the stir bar instead?
The only issue i have with ceramics is that some to be properly fired get into the heat range that would effect the strength of the magnets in the stirrer. So i would more be shopping for something that is a food safe polymer resin for general use.. If you're using this for crazy science then be sure it will stand up to what you're doing or consider forming glass. As another aside hacking the fan blades off would help as you are totally restricting air flow and any extra drag is power not going to stirring.. all in all a near concept.
kthrun3 years ago
Made out of PURE AWESOME! Been looking for something to use to stir yeast cultures for homebrewed beer. Thanks!
Misac-kun3 years ago
You could use a usb for power supply since it draws 5v so you could use a potentiometer to regulate the speed based on the source voltage! Now that i saied that i'm going todo one myself now!
Done! Gonna buy/found/scrap a potentiometer for me later today. Going to up load it later too, damn 3G!
polerix3 years ago
Sculpey / Fimo works well, onced baked, they are just plastic.