Introduction: How to Make a Chicago Style Pizza

Recorded live in the Doing it with Jason Studio. In this we show you how to make a great deep dish pizza. By we, I mean Chicago Johnny and I. I loved eating this sucker! The best eat of the day!! I hope you guys enjoy.

Step 1: Mix It Up

Picture of Mix It Up

First you want to make the dough. Details in video!

Step 2: Dress That Pan

Picture of Dress That Pan

Add some fat to grease the pan

Step 3: Dough in the Pan

Picture of Dough in the Pan

Spread that dough around

Step 4: Cheese First!

Picture of Cheese First!

Be sure to add the cheese first not the sauce.. sauce is last Step!!

Step 5: Now the Sauce

Picture of Now the Sauce

After adding the cheese and toppings, you can finally add the sauce and bake and eat!!!


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