Probably one of the more challenging craft projects I've undertaken with the kids, to fabricate a childs full Clone Trooper costume (including helmet) from rigid boxboard sheets. Below is the end result and a bit about how it was done.

The model is my ten year old son.

Step 1: The Breastplate

This sort of project takes planning. I started by viewing a lot of Clone Trooper outfits online, downloading detailed images for reference and working out measurements.

These measurements I then scaled down to my sons size.

2mm wire is a useful way to capture the unique contours of the wearer

Using those measurements, I fabricated basic frameworks around which to build the armour. Some pieces didn't require this, however, pieces that encircled a part of the body were best assembled around a frame; this helps maintain symmetry. All framework was fabricated from the same cardboard as the costume.
By far my favorite costume on here in a long time. <br><br>I recently introduced my four boys to Star Wars... and this is something we'd considered, but it seemed too daunting. It turned out really well, and doesn't have that &quot;ahh-shucks-it's-homemade&quot; look. Killer work.<br><br>Best of luck in the contest!
Thx Seamster. Star Wars is a great movie(s) in regard its ongoing enjoyment factor. Having made a Boba Fett helmet, I felt ready to attempt something bigger; and yes, I was aiming to avoid that home made look. Thanks for appreciating.
<p>I couldn't find the instructions for the blaster!</p>
I have been making a clone trooper costume but my one isn't going as well as I was thinking and can u please put the templates out so I can use them for my costume please
<p>Sorry to hear your costumes not going as you hope. Unfortunately I never completed the templates. This costume was a build by wire prototype that never was taken further. Sorry.</p>
could you please leave the picture of the templates here, or even a link?
I'm presently working on getting the templates into a digital format. I'll let you know when uploaded.
<p>Would love to see those templates.</p>
<p>have you done the templates yet?</p>
<p>how do you tint the eyepiece?</p>
<p>I purchased thin sheet plastic from a craft supply store, if you're lucky they have various tints available; I purchased smoke tint.</p>
<p>plese make a tutorial on how to make trooper shoes</p>
<p>can you please make a tutorial on making the feet on the armer</p>
<p>AWESOME! could u post a tutorial on the blaster? </p>
<p>Is there anything that would prevent this from working on adults? If all of this is built to fit the model, you could just make a bigger version the same way, right?</p>
I seem to have some trouble, are there any words to go with the pictures? I can't seem to make the costume just off pictures.
I surely recommend to detail the back,anyway it does,i mean, it REALLY DOES LOOK GREAT if i were Lucas,i would hire you for my staff! Keep up the Good Work!
Thanks Champ, appreciate the feedback
Nice job tho
Please make a ible for the shoes, i saw sneakers
<p>This is such a cool costume! Do you have the digital templates? I would like to try make one for my 5 year old! He loves Star Wars!</p>
Hi Rodney. Unfortunately I don't have any templates. This was a design and build project, and as such no templates were used. I did attempt to work out some crude templates, but it all got too hard. Sorry to disappoint.
What did you use for the black part behind the eye holes so he can see out of the helmet?? btw Great costume!!!!
is there a youtube video for this
Sorry kiddooddle, but no, there is no youtube video. Would have been a good idea though.
Wow- that looks fantastic and it seems like you guys had a great time building it!
Thanks Honus. We did indeed have a great time, so much so that now my youngest daughter wants one (back to the drawing board :)
All three of my boys (ages 3, 5 and 7) really got into Halloween this year so I'm sure I'll be working on some great stuff for them next year. Three Clone Troopers would be cool. :)
I just realised your the dude behind the Boba Fett cardboard helmet. Kudos to you sir! I used your insructable as a reference when it came to making the helmet for the Clone Trooper; many thanks.<br>I've just read the Featured Author writeup about you... even more Kudos to you. You seem quite the remarkable individual. I look forward to seeing the latest CNC machine. all the best.
That's very kind of you to say- I guess I'm always trying to figure out how to make cool costumes more accessible. It's really cool that you were able to take what I did to a whole new level- the Trooper costume really looks fantastic and that's not an easy helmet to make! Stay tuned- I'll have my latest costume creation up soon. The CNC is coming along nicely as well. :)
Where did you get the thick cardboard?
It was given to me by a friend, it was what remained of a pallet of damaged cardboard no longer suitable for retail.
Lucky kid...to have a dad of your talent.
Thx PB. It was also a great time spent with the kids. Both of my youngest children (8 and 10) moved their craft tables into the garage, and we spent many hours together; even moving in one of the lounge sofas so we could hangout in comfort. By the end, the rest of the house became neglected, my wife taking up residence on the sofa, and even meals eaten there... it was great!
This is just......WOW!!!!!!
Thx Fypsigon, I am very pleased with the final result. Next I'm planning to build a vaccum-form and see if I can duplicate using thermoplastic.
Holy sci-fi! That is awesome! Peoples heads must turn a bit when a halfsized clonetrooper runs by.
Thx Omnibot. Yes, my son took it out trick or treating last night and had many requests to pose for photos; not something you see every day. Thanks for commenting

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