Here are understandable pictures and steps to help guide you through making your own small floral arrangement for the holidays. An arrangement this size will be suitable for small areas like coffee tables or counter tops.

Tools needed:
Block of Oasis floral foam
Anchor tape
Wire cutters
4 in. x 4 in. glass cube
Floral wire
Small towel
Cutting board

Flowers needed:
Bear grass
40 cm red roses
Green hypernicum berries
White button palms
Red mini carns

Step 1: Soak the Floral Foam.

Fill a sink with enough water to soak the floral foam. This will take about fifteen minutes or so. The foam will be completely soaked once it has sunk to the bottom of the sink and is dark green.
The flowers are white button poms, not palms. Palm is a type of green leaf.
Oops, I totally missed that - should have known. Thanks.
That is gorgeous - great job! :) Very thorough instructable!

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