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In this tutorial, we gleefully explain how to enhance your Christmas spirit!

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Gather your merry supplies to decorate your Christmas sweater.

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Prepare the main focus of your sweater.

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Attach your base with hot glue. Be cautious at all times. It is crucial to retain from burning yourself as to not take away from the jolly extravaganza!

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Decorate the base with festive goodies!

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Fill the unoccupied spaces of the sweatshirt with a plethora of bedazzlements!

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Adorn your sweater with twinkling lights. Every sweater needs to be filled with glowing happiness!

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Paint the finishing touches onto your fabulous sweater!

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Wear your sweater throughout town and spread Christmas cheer to everyone far and near!


tamearls (author)2012-11-28

Love the last photo!

SydandJas (author)2012-11-28

Truly unique! How did you power the lights?

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