Here is a way to repurpose those range cartridges that you just can't bear to leave at the gun range, after your monthly range practice!

the .45ACP (Automatic Pistol Cartridge) make a MOST EXCELLENT "Plug" style Cigar Cutter.  The size is perfect for a wide range of cigars.

There is a little trick that I use though, which greatly improves upon the original Plug style cutter.  It is very simple but I have yet to see a manufacture actually use it!

I made this at TechShop Menlo Park

Read on, if you are a cigar smoker that happens to have access to spent cartidges :-)

Step 1: Find a .45 ACP cartridge (spent...), check it for roundness and condition

The gun range is a great place to find one, if you do not own a .45; just go in and ask nicely...they reuse and/or sell the brass, due to its high cost; I imagine you can convince them to donate just ONE to your cause :-)

Find one that is nice and round; My sample is here is from a very high quality round; it is a nickel plated brass cartridge.
<p>This seems cool, but because of the possibility of lead contamination (most projectiles are lead-based), this isn't a particularly good idea.</p>

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