Here is a way to repurpose those range cartridges that you just can't bear to leave at the gun range, after your monthly range practice!

the .45ACP (Automatic Pistol Cartridge) make a MOST EXCELLENT "Plug" style Cigar Cutter.  The size is perfect for a wide range of cigars.

There is a little trick that I use though, which greatly improves upon the original Plug style cutter.  It is very simple but I have yet to see a manufacture actually use it!

I made this at TechShop Menlo Park

Read on, if you are a cigar smoker that happens to have access to spent cartidges :-)

Step 1: Find a .45 ACP Cartridge (spent...), Check It for Roundness and Condition

The gun range is a great place to find one, if you do not own a .45; just go in and ask nicely...they reuse and/or sell the brass, due to its high cost; I imagine you can convince them to donate just ONE to your cause :-)

Find one that is nice and round; My sample is here is from a very high quality round; it is a nickel plated brass cartridge.
<p>This seems cool, but because of the possibility of lead contamination (most projectiles are lead-based), this isn't a particularly good idea.</p>
<p>Neither is smoking. :-)</p><p>If you obtain an FMJ round (Full Metal Jacket) then the lead is wholly encased in copper..most bullets are plated in some fashion near the cartridge. And while yes, copper is not good to inhale either, the amount you would actually deposit is less than miniscule. Remember the exterior of the shell is the part touching the *remaining* (outer) section of the cigar; the inner part (theoretically exposed as you have suggested) is actually removed from the cigar.</p><p>Furthermore: during the sharpening phase most or all of the residue ball round material is removed. cleaning the interior to remove the power residue is also a really good idea. That said, my research and experience has shown it is plenty safe to cut the occasional cigar with this if you do (or dont do, as appropriate) the following: clean it real good, don't use it as an eating utensil 3 times a day...and DON'T chew on it.</p><p>Good luck!</p>

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