Picture of How to Make a Clay Fortune Cookie with a Cute Fortune
Here is a fast and easy way to make this cute fortune cookie.

Step 1: Step One

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All you need to make this fortune cookie is a knife, baking clay (you can make it any colour you wish but if you was it to look real then use a light brown) a pin or wire, glaze, paper, pen, or you can use a printer like i did. you will also need an oven.

Put background music

ahahahah , jami thats not the way to go . were here for ya ;)
Jam_Jam (author)  BrittneyWhiting3 years ago
hahaha ur so funny britt
Mr. Noack3 years ago
What random blade are you using. I was so scared!!
Jam_Jam (author)  Mr. Noack3 years ago
it's a fimo cane blade. it's for nail art.