How to Make a Clay Monster





Introduction: How to Make a Clay Monster

All colors may vary

Step 1: Body

Pick a color for the body

Step 2: Mouth

Make a slit for the mouth and widen it with your fingers

Step 3: Tongue

Make a flat dull heart out of pink or red

Step 4: Teeth

Get 6 small wite ish colored balls of clay. 4 on top 2 on the bottom middle

Step 5: Fangs

Make two pointed ovals of the same color and put them on the bottom

Step 6: Eyes

Make two wight spheres, then half way wrap them with the body color, finally place them on top facing forward

Step 7: Pupil

Make two very small balls of any color, then make two smaller balls of black

Step 8: Legs

Make 4 short cylinders of the body color

Step 9: Toes

Make 12-16 small balls of your color. One for the back of the foot and 2-3 for the front

Step 10: Tail

Place a flat upside down triangle on the back

Step 11: Final Details

finally add any pattern on to the body or legs



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Nice! Did the clay you used not require baking out anything special to harden it?

nice job. Did you enter this in one of the contests?

What a cute little guy! Thanks for sharing!