Introduction: How to Make a Clip/input Indicator for Your Stereo (revised!)

this is a revision of an old instructable I did a while back showing you how to make a clip indicator for a speaker. this one has less blowing led's

Step 1: Parts

one large or medium size capacitor



speaker wire

soldering gun


Step 2: Soldier the Led to the Capacitor

take the negative side of the led and soldier it to the positive side of the capacitor

Step 3: Connect It to the Speaker (if the Speaker Is Already Set Up)

set your speaker up and connect the open pin of the capacitor to the ground terminal of your speaker

Step 4: Connect the Other Side of the Led

leave the positive side of the led unresisted and soldier it to the positive side of the speaker

Step 5: Test It!

see if it worked, it should.


rafununu (author)2016-12-01

The capacitor blocks direct current, Leds will soon burn without current limiting.