Picture of How to Make a Clothespin Gun
In this instructable I will be showing you how to make a precision classroom weapon. It takes a lot of time to create, but if you take your time and make it quality by following my steps, I promise you will be pleased with the results. This will shoot either toothpicks or matches.. this particular model will not shoot the strike anywhere ones but i will soon put up an instructable for one that ignites them when you fire it.

Step 1: Gather Materials

Picture of Gather Materials
To get started you are going to need to gather some materials that you might have laying around your house.

1) Super Glue
2) Quick Dry Spray (optional)
3) Terrorist Knife =]
4) Wire Cutters (optional)
5) Two Wooden Clothespins
6) A File
7) And Last Of All You Need WAY Too Much Time on Your Hands
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how to make it

"Do not fire this at anyone because it might hurt you." made me laugh.
(☞ YOU, not the person you are firing this at.)

Don't get me wrong - the Clothespin Gun is a nice idea especially for a proud uncle like me who is always happy to find reasons to do "childish stuff" :^}

itzthor1 year ago
How do you do the cocking mechanism on the one with a pistol grip?
ajjay1 year ago
How do u make the ak one
Jake26073 years ago
Great guide. I've already made a few.
JATDO6 years ago
Why do you need the second clothespin?
samarai (author)  JATDO6 years ago
to glue that thing onto the top.. it secures the spring from popping out. If you look at the picture you can see it
I actually didn't need to use the second clothespin. If you hold down the spring while cocking it, instead of using an extra one, it saves a lot of time and work.
JATDO samarai6 years ago
ahhh I see but couldn't you use anything to secure it?
samarai (author)  JATDO6 years ago
Yeah but I wanted my design to be completely of clothespins, so thats what i used
davidnvn6 years ago
Is there a way to carving out the wood on the clothespin? I kinda stabbed myself trying, and it's going REALLY slowly Nice designs, by the way.
I actually used the regular cone-shaped sanding/deburring tool on my Dremel. I made a base, or a small root in the wood, then used sanding paper like a maniac.
I use a small jig saw
samarai (author)  davidnvn6 years ago
You could probably use a dremel tool if you used the right attachment but other than that I don't know.. I just used the box cutter to carve it out
i have one of those do you meen the saw add on
dremels can be used for anything... even constapation (with the whisk attachment). ZZZZ
carve away from yourself in small slits
Crakur davidnvn6 years ago
try using an exacto knife with a flat blade, use it like a chisel
2qwe24 years ago
how long is took u
can u use a plastic clothespin?
Actually, you can ignite strike anywhere matches when you shoot. to do this, place the head of the match in, and make sure the spring part that shoots the projectile hits the head of the match. hope that makes sense...
kwlweapons6 years ago
what did you use as handle for the one that looks like a pistol
samarai (author)  kwlweapons6 years ago
I used two ends of a clothespin super glued together, then i sanded them down alot. Everything pictured is completely clothespins
AGT563 samarai5 years ago
samrai have you tried tiping your darts with steal that's what I did with the darts for my mini crossbows wich are about the same size as your clothespin gun and they will stick into people and many other things but dant try it if you dont want it to hurt a bit.
AGT5635 years ago
Hay samarai I think your clothespin gun is cool I my self have made several mini crossbows they are about the same size as your clothespin gun my cross bows have good range depending on the darts I use the darts have a flat and sharp steel tip and they hurt I shot my self in the hand wile testing a prototype it's release mechanism had a mind of it's own a friend told me to shoot him with one and the dart stuck in.

swimmer955 years ago
does the pistol shoot?
Colonel885 years ago
Watch out so you don't make the flat curved out thing on one of the sides too deep. If it is too deep, then the metal spring thing will avoid the match and just go over it. DOn't make it too deep! I did  that on my seond try... 1st one wasn't that accurate, went left, eight, and straight.  Oh well. Good job by the way.

5* and faved.
zombie15 years ago
these are the best made ones i've seen
coolman355 years ago
hi samarai this is cool but how do i make the pistol
Turn it upside down then put a Handel on it.
knex_mepalm6 years ago
i really wanna make this but my dad says im too young for projects, now to sneak some stuff, i got the glue, the file and the time, now to sneak out some knives
iAmCamYee6 years ago
does your guns have trouble reloading?? mine always
wow!!!...thats rele kwl!!!....i make these all the time but not like that!!!
Crakur6 years ago
1. nice one, im about to make it! 2. you could hurt yourself if you shot it at someone?0_o
ya, if you shoot someone you could hurt yourself(i.e. you shoot them, they hurt you)
heheheq6 years ago
DAMN! I love it. It is amazing. THough, one thing, you should make the clothepins a little strong by plating it with metal, because somethimes the fronts sanp if you use it a lot
Lemmonz6 years ago
dang i cant get it with then knife...any other way i can carve?? that easier lol
Lemmonz Lemmonz6 years ago
nvm lol i got it
Jupitane6 years ago
so will it light when you shoot it?
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