Introduction: How to Make a Coin Gun

How to make a coin gun! Enjoy the video!

Step 1: You Need...

Picture of You Need...

Hard cardboard

4 craft sticks

2 rubber bands



super glue

Step 2: Base

Picture of Base

Cut out a square from the cardboard that is the lenght of the standart craft stick. We take a coin put it in the middle of the square, and cut out the hole.

Step 3: Base Completed

Picture of Base Completed

Next using glue attached two craft sticks to one side of the square. Next fold the other half of the square over and glue it to the sticks.

Step 4: Starter

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Then we take two sticks and glue it. Next using a knife and will make cut like this.

Step 5: Fire!

Picture of Fire!

Now take the rubber bands and plase them over the cardboard like this. Now insert stick into the gun and set the rubber bands like this. And now time to shooting. Place the coin into the hole and shoot.


random_builder (author)2017-03-14

This is really neat! I will probably make this sometime soon!

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