Step 12: Move the other sliders

Picture of Move the other sliders
Now drag the gray and the white sliders as far to the left as possible without moving the black slider. All of the gray tones should turn white, leaving a very clear outline in black and white. Play around with the sliders until you're happy with the outcome.

Congratulations! You've made your coloring book image!

I tried it out and I love how some of my animal pictures came out

mtrout3 years ago
Using this process, I got a beautiful CLEAN black and white image. This was in GIMP.
tvelazquez13 years ago
Hmmmm...this actually doesn't work. At least it doesn't work for me. The gray and white sliders do not go past the black slider to the left, and the black slider just slides the gray and white sliders all the way to the right in front of it. There is no way to get the clean b&w image that you are inferring is possible.
Move them as far to the left as possible - meaning move them right over next to the black slider. You can't CROSS the black slider.
Yes--exactly. You cannot cross the black slider (as you can in PhotoShop), when you push the other two against it, they all move to the left, so you never achieve the "clean b&w image" that is referred to in the article. There is a tremendous amount of gray are that should be white, which would render the finished image useless as a coloring page.

At any rate, I loved learning about this online program. I have friends who, unlike me, are not Graphic Designers, and they will be thrilled to know this is out there.
ronsart3 years ago
Sad couldn't download PFD without membership...this worked and quite happy with instructions...would only recommend to do in Photoshop more friendly...thank god you did in the blending mode part.

Thanks for posting.