Step 20: Let your imagination run wild!

Picture of Let your imagination run wild!
Voila! In about ten minutes, I'd made a personalized coloring page.

Try it out and let me know what your kids think!
paqrat3 years ago
This is terriffic. I cannot wait to try it out. I went ahead and downloaded the program to my computer so I can use when internet isn't available. I am curious about something. Would it be possible to have left the separate pics in color and still place the kid and treasure chest on the island?
paqrat paqrat3 years ago
Oops looks like the program I downloaded is pixl o'matic for windows. Ah well. I probably will only be using it where I can access internet anyway.

A similar program is Gimp, I just tried it with the exact same steps. (www.gimp.org)
Very cool. I have Gimp but I haven't done much with it. Good to know it will do something similar. Thanks for the information.
rwlh19503 years ago
Two words -'bloody wonderful'
That the Christmas prezzies sorted
Wow! You did GREAT!
cmetzger3 years ago
Dunno about kids, but my Mom's caregiver is gonna love it!