Step 7: Fancy trickery

Picture of Fancy trickery
Now it's time for some cleverness with layers. Click on the little box with two arrows in the bottom left corner of the layers palette. This should make the advanced layer settings (Opacity and Mode) visible.

At the moment, the layer called Background copy should by in Normal mode. Use the drop-down menu to change it to Add mode. Everything in your image should turn white. Don't panic! That's what we wanted.
mtrout3 years ago
I don't see anything equivalent to this step in Gimp.
mtrout mtrout3 years ago
And then I realized you said "background copy" not "background". Changed the pull-down Menu to "addition" and all is right with the world.On to the next step!
cmetzger3 years ago
correction -- Layers palette drop-down menu --> Blending options . . . --> General Blending --> Blend Mode change to Linear Dodge (Add)
cmetzger3 years ago
in Photoshop: Layer Properties --> Blending Mode --> Linear Dodge (Add)