Introduction: How to Make a Commonsensical Weather Rock

Here I show you how to make a commonsensical Weather Rock. They really do work and make for a niece folk art piece for your yard.

You can call me or e-mail 936 894 0184, I can e-mail the instructions, cut list and instruction on how to read the rock. This is free as long as you have a printer. I hope I bring some laughter into your life with this project. You are always more then welcome to stop over and visit me here in Plantersville Texas
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David Spiesman


Tgauchsin (author)2014-04-27

We used to suspend the biggest rock we could find at boyscout camp in a tripod. That was always our weather rock. It was right more often than real weathermen.

Browncoat (author)2012-07-30

I love these!!

And ya can't have weather w/o water occasionally. Maybe you should enter this in the Water Challenge.

sunshiine (author)2012-07-29

Love this! Thanks for sharing your Texas humor! You are right, we do need more humor! Have a great day!

scoochmaroo (author)2012-07-28

I already was laughing! I had a feeling what was coming :D

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Bio: Hello I create usable rustic funky folk art for the home. Bristlecone Pine is the main wood I work with. This wood is the oldest ... More »
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