Step 1: Gather Your Supplies.

Picture of Gather Your Supplies.
You will need: perler beads (white, pink, dark grey), a hot glue gun (with glue sticks), perler pegboards (a circle and a square one), an iron, and ironing/wax paper.

Step 2: Make the Corner Pieces.

Picture of Make the Corner Pieces.
Make the white corner pieces by placing the beads on the pegboard. There are 3 different pieces in one set. You will need 8 corner sets total.

Step 3: Fuse the Beads.

Fuse the beads by placing a sheet of wax paper over them. Gently iron them at medium heat for a few seconds. *Make sure you don't over melt the beads or they will be unable to "snap into place" for the 3D effect. 

For a more in depth explanation of the fusing process, visit the linky.

Step 4: Make the Edge Pieces.

Picture of Make the Edge Pieces.
There are 2 pieces in one set. You will need 12 edge sets. Fuse when finished. 

Step 5: Make the Circles.

Picture of Make the Circles.
You will need 6 circles total. Fuse them when finished.

Step 6: Make Square #1.

Picture of Make Square #1.
You will need 2. Fuse when finished. (The outline is just for emphasis on the detailed "teeth" portions.) 

Step 7: Make Square #2.

Picture of Make Square #2.
You will need 2. Fuse when finished.

Step 8: Make Square #3.

Picture of Make Square #3.
You will need 2. Fuse when finished.

Step 9: Make the Hearts.

Picture of Make the Hearts.
You will need 6 total. Fuse when finished. 

Step 10: Snap the Corner and Edge Pieces Together.

Picture of Snap the Corner and Edge Pieces Together.

Step 11: Snap the Grey Squares Together.

Picture of Snap the Grey Squares Together.
You will now have a 3D cube. *Be gentle, don't break the "teeth" pieces while snapping them together.*

Step 12: Hot Glue Hearts to Circles.

Picture of Hot Glue Hearts to Circles.
 Make sure the hearts are centered on the white circles. Hot glue them together.

Step 13: Glue on the Corners.

Picture of Glue on the Corners.
Glue the corner pieces to the 3D cube.

Step 14: Glue the Edge Pieces to the Cube.

Picture of Glue the Edge Pieces to the Cube.
One per edge. Align them with the pink lines on the square faces.

Step 15: Glue to Heart Circles to the Cube.

Picture of Glue to Heart Circles to the Cube.
One circle per side. Voila! 
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OrangeB4 months ago

My parts keep snapping :(

twingelaar1 year ago
How do you connect the 3 corner pieces, because I'm going nuts right now. I think my brain is broken.
Did you ever get this done? I am stuck on the walls. First wall piece, lower left corner in outline picture, has a single bead whereas the filled version has a double bead "tooth" which is throwing me off.
Bibendi2 years ago
the link doesnt work anymore, but this one should do :)
St Jimmy2 years ago
I used this for a friend's birthday present - I had the top lift off along with the corner and edge pieces, and then I filled it with M&Ms.
Ashcatftw (author)  St Jimmy2 years ago
That sounds cool, I bet your friend loved it.
Saturnines4 years ago
The instructable is great but you should credit the original design
You're the second person to say that and again, IT'S RIGHT THERE IN BIG BOLD RED LETTERS WHO SHE GOT THE PATTERN FROM. Please be sure to read fully before saying credit was not given.
Polantaris3 years ago
Wow very nice. Now if only I had any of the materials I would consider making one myself.

Curious, how much would you say all of the materials cost total?
Ashcatftw (author)  Polantaris3 years ago
The beads themselves may have cost around $8-$10.
bjohnson443 years ago
How do you connect the 3 corner pieces?
does it have to cool down first before snapping?
Ashcatftw (author)  vguilonggxcxz3 years ago
Wait until the pieces have cooled down back to room temperature. (If they are flexible they may snap if to much force is applied.)
Ohokay thanks :), cause I snap and it broken when I didn't use any force..
Ashcatftw (author)  vguilonggxcxz3 years ago
Its possible that you didn't melt the beads enough if it broke that easily.
I snap them together, but the corner side broke..
How tall is this?
Ashcatftw (author)  ohthatdemoness63 years ago
Well I don't have it with me atm, but i'd say its a bit smaller than a 12oz coke can in height. Next time I have it i'll give the dimensions.
oh okay thank you!
shdsteel4 years ago
why are there 2 different patterns in the middle row?
Ashcatftw (author)  shdsteel4 years ago
Some of them were flipped kinda weird. I didn't notice that until now. If you flip them and rotate them they are all the same.
IBeHoey4 years ago
Such a shame people resort to stealing each others ideas instead of coming up with something on their own. I agree this instructable is well thought out and nicely put together but the author should really give credit to the original designer whom she clearly stole this design from.
"This three dimensional companion cube makes a great knickknack for your desk, and an even better gift. What gamer wouldn't want to receive a companion cube as a gift? It is a geeky yet inexpensive way to show someone how much you really care. Credit to Saturnines from Sprite Stitch for the original design that inspired the creation of this cube."
Take that!
boston221104 years ago
the cake is a lie. ^_^
blahlol4 years ago
now we dont have to feel bad about burning the cube
This was a triumph!
RelientOwl4 years ago
Now you're thinking with portals!
 PORTAL!!!!    :D

Great job at that craft ther dude!!
KnexFreek5 years ago
Very cool!! 5 stars and i subscribed!
arrowcrest5 years ago
 awesome, where can you get those beads?
matbh5 years ago
portal its a easiest puzzle game ever.
but its really fun! i love the companion cube part!!!

when u will incinerate ur cube? lol
pamalamala5 years ago
when i first saw this in the picture i thought it was a horrid foot automan in front of an apolstered chair! Im relieved to find it is just for on top of your desk.......fyew!
I was about to tell you it was a good automan design if you lived in a corny cartoon world!
you can use the snap together thing to make a 3d perler bead gameboy :D
Mhmm. I've actually already made a 3D perler gameboy ;D
I may post a guide on it soon.
slayer_x9115 years ago
 The cake is a lie!!
neat project :p
linny5 years ago
This has a surprisingly endearing appeal to me. I've worked with these beads before. Nice choice of colors, too. Way to go!
 guys remember, your companion cube will never try to stab you
Azayles5 years ago
They sell those beads in Hobbycraft near where I live! I so gotta make me one of these!
I've never played Portal, but the companion cube is quickly becoming a meme unto itself just as "The cake is a lie!" has :D
mappum Azayles5 years ago
Buy it on Steam right now (or better yet, the Orange Box). It's a short game but it ca be enjoyed by anyone, experienced gamer or not.
TFElite5 years ago
Awesome! I'm a bug Transformers Geek, so I might just make an Autobot styled one...

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