How to Make a Confusing Backround




Introduction: How to Make a Confusing Backround

Do you want to confuse your Friends, Family and Teachers?

I can help you with that! Just follow my instructions and you, and others will start to wonder if you broke it.

Step 1: Open Stuffs

Open a few things that interest you, like I did. Pictures, Articles, ect.

After that, take a screenshot.

Set that as the backround...

Open the screen shot...

Step 2: Take More Screenshots

(This should be part of the last step still, but, I don't want to have just one step...)

...and take another screenshot. Render the windows to different sizes for extra confusion.

Keep opening those, changing backrounds, and taking more screenshots until you are satisfied.

Step 3: Have Some Fun.

Ask someone to help fix your computer. See how long it takes them to figure it out.

Make sure to cover the words "ScreenShot" on the windows somehow, or just have some windows in the backround so your victim will wonder why they can't unpause their youtube or something like that.

I hope you didn't regret wasting your time reading this as I just wanted to write an instructable.



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    Lol, yep. :) I would definitely think it had frozen and glitched out.