Introduction: How to Make a Cool Leather Notebook Jacket

Change a cheap notebook to a more luxurious one!

Step 1: Prepare the Template

Prepare the template that is larger than the actual size of the notebook.

Step 2: Cut Out the Leather

Cut out the leather with a leather cutter.Be careful not to cut your fingers!

Step 3: Materials Needed

These are all the materials you will need to complete the project.

Step 4: Put Plastic Boards

Put plastic boards on the leather with glue.

Step 5: Glue the Inside Pockets

Glue the two inside pockets onto the inside of the leather.

Step 6: Glue the Inside Penholder

Glue the inside penholder.

Step 7: Draw the Seam Line

Draw a line to show the sewing line.At this time, draw a line about 3mm away the sewing line from the edge.

Step 8: Draw the Seam Line for the Notebook Jacket and Pierce It With a Hammer

At this time, draw a line on the notebook jacket to make the sewing line.Pierce it with a hammer on the sewing line.

Step 9: Make a Wax Cord

Make a wax cord. This cord is hemp.

Step 10: Sew It

After the glue has dried, sew it with the wax cord.

Step 11: Sew It

Sew it on the spine of the notebook jacket.

Step 12: Polish the Leather Edge

Apply oil to the leather edge and polish it with the stick of the wood.

Step 13:

You have completed your project!

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qddfs (author)2015-06-16

Very nice work! How to attach the pattern paper to leather? By water?

ishiyasu (author)qddfs2015-06-23

Thank you for comment!! I draw the pattern paper to use CAD :)

BruceE3 (author)2015-04-03

Wow! Very professional looking!

ishiyasu (author)BruceE32015-04-06

I'm so happy!! Thank you!! :)

Ernext (author)2015-04-06


ishiyasu (author)Ernext2015-04-06

Thank you for comment!! I make it in various ways from now on! :D

YoussefJ (author)2015-03-27

i like , i like it :D !!! cooooooooool

ishiyasu (author)YoussefJ2015-03-30

I'm so glad!! Thank you!! :)

MichiganDave (author)2015-03-26

This looks so professionally made. I am impressed, and thanks for sharing.

ishiyasu (author)MichiganDave2015-03-27

I make it in various ways from now on! Thanks!

Thorsten Singer (author)2015-03-26

I like it, looks so cool...

ishiyasu (author)Thorsten Singer2015-03-27

I'm glad!! Thank you for comment! :D

gomibakou (author)2015-03-24

Alo. Where did u get the template?

ishiyasu (author)gomibakou2015-03-25

I drew the template myself!! Thanks!! :D

tomatoskins (author)2015-03-24

This looks great! I love making something cheepish looking look simply amazing! And to do it on a budget is that much better!

ishiyasu (author)tomatoskins2015-03-25

I'm great that you say!! Thank you for comment!!

NathanSellers (author)2015-03-24

Wow, this looks very clean and sharp. You have wonderful craftsmanship.

ishiyasu (author)NathanSellers2015-03-25

I'm happy! I make it in various ways from now on!

starforest (author)2015-03-25

It looks very nice!

ishiyasu (author)starforest2015-03-25

Thank you for comment!!

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