How to Make a Cool Robotic Arm





Introduction: How to Make a Cool Robotic Arm

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LeArm is a high performance programmable robotic arm. It can move very flexible and grab in different directions. Full metal body structure makes the robotic arm stable and beautiful!

Now, we make an introduction to its assembly. So you can give it a shot and make your own robotic arm.

Step 1: Assemble the Chassis (1)

Required materials:

A set rotational station*1

Bearing *1

Copper pillar and screws* several

Screw caps *several

Screwdriver *1 pcs

You need to twist the screw to the rotational station as shown in the picture, then put the bearing onto the rotational station. And use copper pillars and screw caps to fix these two planchets.

Step 2: Assemble the Chassis (2)

  • At first, you need to fix the side cover bracket to the wafer with screws and screw cpas.
  • Then take out another wafer and the servo horn, put the bearing onto the rotational station.
  • Join these two things together.
  • Fix these two wafer into rotational station with screws.

Step 3: Assemble the Chassis (3)

  • At first, you need to put the LD-1501MG servo to the wafer and use screws to fix it.
  • Then put the wafer with servo to the rotation station . (picture 3)
  • Join copper pillar and screws together.

Step 4: Fix the Servo With Brackets

  • At first, you need to use screws to join two brackets.
  • Use screw to fix LDX-218 servo to the bracket on rotational station.
  • Use screw to fix brackets with LDX-218 servo.

Step 5: Assemble Base Board for Robotic Hand

Use a base board to fix our robotic arm.

And winding tube can reduce your wiring troubles. It can make your robotic arm more attractive.

Step 6: Actions Display

Step 7: Use Mobile Phone to Control the Movement of Robotic Arm



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i assembled the arm but i can not connect it with my iPhone. I downloaded the app, i switched on the Bluetooth and it still doesn't work. Can i get some help?

1 reply

Hi, thank you for bringing this matter to our attention, I'm glad to assist you. First, please make sure you download the true app, then, restart the controller and app, try again, hope this helpful.

Can you tell me How long max distance from joystick (wireless handle) to leArm??

1 reply

Yeah. I would also love to see the video. It is pretty cool.

Yes, I'm gonna put some action video into this website.

Yes, this a kit, here is a link, hope this helpful.