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Introduction: How to Make a Corsage

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This corsage can be made out of inexpensive materials, using either fake, or real flowers.
Most of the materials for this came from the dollar store, or Wally-world, aka Walmart.

Step 1: Gather Materials

You will need the following:
Needle and Thread
Ribbon Assortment
Pre-made bow (sticky back is better)
Hot glue gun and glue
Mesh material
Fake flowers
(White floral tape if you use real flowers)
A wide assortment of embellishments

Step 2: Backing

Cut out a 10" x 10" piece of sheer material that has some sturdiness to it.

Fold it in half 2 times, until it makes a square.
Cut the edges, making the corners round. (You're trying to make a big circle.)

Unfold, and place in center of your hand. Push the center in with your finger, grasping it in the middle.

Twist it down and around so you have a good amount of waves all the way around.

Staple the bottom "nub" to tack it while you sew it together. Once it is tightly secure, cut off the "nub."

Cut around the edges to make it even.

Step 3: Add Bottom Piece Decorations

After you have the bottom piece even, you can add some of the embellishments. I used stick-on clear jewels, and some crystal sprigs I found in the wedding-craft section at Wally-world.

I cut the sprigs very short, and glued them in the center. I used a scrap piece of satin ribbon to push them down on the glue.

I used the jewel stickers around the edges.

Don't be afraid to use things you normally wouldn't think of. Broken buttons, or beads will work well too. You can glue just about anything on this.

When you glue through the mesh, make sure to put a piece of scrap satin under it to keep it from sticking to the surface. Pull it out shortly after to prevent gluing it permanently.

Step 4: Make More Layers

Before you put on the bow, you may want to "layer" your work to give it a more glamorous feel.

Cut 2 pieces each of Satin and sheer ribbon. Cut the ends at an angle. Cross the ribbons, so each end is alternating with a different texture. Tack(sew) the middle, and add embellishments.

I hot-glued some snowflakes and clear beads on the ends.

When finished, sew, or hot-glue to the bottom of the mesh base.

On the top side of the bottom sections, I opted to make a feather ribbon circle. Hot glue it onto the mesh material, being careful not to burn your fingers, or stick it to the work surface. Use some scrap pieces of sating ribbon to push the circle onto the glue.

(In the pictures, I glued the circle before the bottom piece.)

Step 5: Attach the Main Bow

You can either make your own bow, or buy one. It was far less aggravation to purchase a pre-made bow that came 2 for $1.00. As a bonus, it had a sticky back, so attaching it to the rest of the corsage was easy.

If you have a bow you made, go ahead and either sew, or hot glue it to the base.

Step 6: Add the Flowers

I used fake flowers from the dollar store, but you could easily use real ones.

For real flowers, take off the green leaves, and cut the stems very short, about 1/3". Wrap the stems in white floral tape.

For the fake flowers, pull off all the greenery, and cut the stems to 1/3 ". You could also wrap the stems in floral tape to hide the green.

Pre-position the flowers in the bow. With a good, stiff bow, the flowers sit pretty well. Hot glue the stems and place into the bow where you want them to sit.

Step 7: Add Final Designs

Glue on any final embellishments you want. I added blue rhinestones, more snowflakes, and some beads that I glued together.

Step 8: Add the Wrist Strap

You can make any kind of wrist strap that you want. The most secure would be velcro, but for this, I used wide, sheer ribbon.
(See my other corsage on

I cut a long enough piece so when tied, it would have a small bow.

Cut the ends at an angle, and sew securely onto the back of the corsage.

Tie it on your wrist and enjoy!



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