How to Make a Corset





Introduction: How to Make a Corset

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Learn how to make a corset top in few minutes!



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    awww this is a fashion corset :( cute through

     i dont get 1 part. how do you make the holes? howd u do that cuz all i saw was u sewing

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    It looks like she used the sewing machine just to make button holes. you could also buy 30+ eyelets and  setting tool at a craft/fabric store for  few bucks, which would give you a more professional look and finish.

    but HOW????? im srry, but im not exactly the worlds best sew-er

    most sewing machines have a setting for making button holes, you'd change your stitch style (straight, zig zag, et ali) to the button hole setting, which is sometimes divided up into parts.
    if you still have the owners manual for your sewing machine, it will go more into specifics if you don't, you can probably find a copy of it by searching google or the company's website.
    as for the eyelets, those come with instructions and setting tool when you buy them. i usually get these:, though  they come in other colors and sizes, and once you have the setting tool, you can get the packs without it
    hope I helped a bit :)
    feel free to ask if you have any other questions

    I haven't got access to a sewing machine or a craft store at the moment but I have a bunch of thread, needles, fabric, duct tape, a handful of medium sized zip ties, ribbon, a stapler, some glue, buttons, scissors, and a pocket knife. I added a corset style lacing to a dress I had that was a bit small this way. (Of course, not using ALL those things.) I was wondering if I could still make this with those things.

    though if you were intent on an overbust there's also this tute:

    you definitely could. for this tute, you'd only need the needles, thread, and fabric. but if you want the look of a more traditional, boned corset, I recommend you check out this tutorial here:

    It'll take a lot of time and patience without a sewing machine, but it's doable. if you don't have grommets for the lacing, you can cut little slits in the fabric instead and use a buttonhole stitch to finish it up nicely, as seen here:

    I love your irreverent take on sewing. I expect you spend a lot of time playing and doing trial-and-error, but the results are fantastic.

    she looks hot in that corset

    wow, this gal has really got talent with fabric! :)

    It's a cute corset-styled top, but it's not actually a corset.

    Yes, She's Beautiful and talented ! I have come across your stuff a couple of times, you have a real talent keep up the good work

    looks good, but a few minutes is a stretch, maybe a hour if you have all the parts on hand. and know all your measurements. sorry i'm not too found of semi-misleading instructables

    Gyannl has a way of doing things the easy way. She's great!!

    looks great love your machine!

    looks great and really easy! your videos always make the complex seem simple! cheers, Mspark400 5 stars (plus an extras five -Yay corsets!-)