Learn how to make a corset top in few minutes!
she looks so sexy.
awww this is a fashion corset :( cute through
 i dont get 1 part. how do you make the holes? howd u do that cuz all i saw was u sewing
It looks like she used the sewing machine just to make button holes. you could also buy 30+ eyelets and&nbsp; setting tool at a craft/fabric store for&nbsp; few bucks, which would give you a more professional look and finish.<br />
but HOW????? im srry, but im not exactly the worlds best sew-er
most sewing machines have a setting for making button holes, you'd change your stitch style (straight, zig zag, et ali) to the button hole setting, which is sometimes divided up into parts.<br /> if you still have the owners manual for your sewing machine, it will go more into specifics if you don't, you can probably find a copy of it by searching google or the company's website.<br /> as for the eyelets, those come with instructions and setting tool when you buy them. i usually get these: <a href="http://joann.com/joann/catalog/productdetail.jsp?pageName=search&amp;flag=true&amp;PRODID=prd1137" rel="nofollow">joann.com/joann/catalog/productdetail.jsp</a>, though&nbsp; they come in other colors and sizes, and once you have the setting tool, you can get the packs without it <br /> hope I helped a bit :)<br /> feel free to ask if you have any other questions<br />
I haven't got access to a sewing machine or a craft store at the moment but I have a bunch of thread, needles, fabric, duct tape, a handful of medium sized zip ties, ribbon, a stapler, some glue, buttons, scissors, and a pocket knife. I added a corset style lacing to a dress I had that was a bit small this way. (Of course, not using ALL those things.) I was wondering if I could still make this with those things.
though if you were intent on an overbust there's also this tute: http://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=152585.0
you definitely could. for this tute, you'd only need the needles, thread, and fabric. but if you want the look of a more traditional, boned corset, I recommend you check out this tutorial here: http://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=122286.0<br><br>It'll take a lot of time and patience without a sewing machine, but it's doable. if you don't have grommets for the lacing, you can cut little slits in the fabric instead and use a buttonhole stitch to finish it up nicely, as seen here: http://imgs.embroiderersguild.com/stitch/stitches/imgs/buttonhole.gif
I love your irreverent take on sewing. I expect you spend a lot of time playing and doing trial-and-error, but the results are fantastic.
she looks hot in that corset
wow, this gal has really got talent with fabric! :)
It's a cute corset-styled top, but it's not actually a corset.
Yes, She's Beautiful and talented ! I have come across your stuff a couple of times, you have a real talent keep up the good work
looks good, but a few minutes is a stretch, maybe a hour if you have all the parts on hand. and know all your measurements. sorry i'm not too found of semi-misleading instructables
Gyannl has a way of doing things the easy way. She's great!!
looks great love your machine!
looks great and really easy! your videos always make the complex seem simple! cheers, Mspark400 5 stars (plus an extras five -Yay corsets!-)

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