How to Make a Country Heart Applique Quilted Candle Mat

Picture of How to Make a Country Heart Applique Quilted Candle Mat
Handmade Heart Warming Ideas for Valentine's Day

You will Need:

scraps of cream and white fabric
scraps of red fabric
quilt batting
basic sewing needs

This Sweet Valentine Heart Appliqué  Mini Quilt is quick and easy to make, and will look great with a scented candle

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Step 1:

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First you will need to make yourself a heart pattern from paper. The heart should measure about 4".

Cut four squares from red or pink Valentine's print fabric measuring 5 1/2 ".

Pin and cut out four hearts from the fabric squares.

Step 2:

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Cut four 6 1/2" squares of cream colored fabric for your quilt top. 

Place one heart on one quilt top square with the point of the heart facing the bottom right corner of the square as shown in the photo. Center the heart and pin in place.

We will be using the machine appliqué method. To appliqué the hearts on, zigzag around the heart staying as close to the edge of the outside of the heart as possible.

Step 3:

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Do this to all of your hearts and squares until you have four as shown in the photo.  Line up the hearts the way you want them to appear on your quilt top. (All the points of the hearts should be facing the outer corners of the quilt top as shown in the photo.)

Step 4:

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Now let's put the quilt top together.

First take the two squares on the right and pin them pretty sides together.  Stitch using a 1/4" seam or use the pressure foot as your guide.

Step 5:

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In this photo: Take notice the two squares on the right are sewn together.  Now we will do the same for the two squares on the left.  Place them pretty sides together and stitch a 1/4" seam.

Step 6:

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Now that both the right and the left sides of your quilt top are sewn together, we need to sew the two rows together to complete the quilt top.

Step 7:

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Place the rows pretty sides together.  Pin the center seam.  Sew down the center seam using a 1/4" seam allowance