How to Make a Crappy Table Saw Into a Good One





Introduction: How to Make a Crappy Table Saw Into a Good One

Hi,I Had to make improvements to this saw it was frustrating me to he'll with its crappy fence and Riving knife/guard so its had a makeover with a new fence reworked riving knife,new guard position,pedestal,extraction,and side extension .

Step 1: Fence

I made the fence using 50mm Aluminium angle running in a channel, the fence is out of Oak and faced it with Melamine.

Step 2: Fence Stop

this is a hold down clap from a mitresaw

Step 3: Riving Knife

I cut the riving knife guard holder off and repositioned the guard on an extendible arm

Step 4: Guard Steady

adjustable 5 position guard steady

Step 5: Extending Side Table

I have a small workshop so i had to have as small a footprint for my saw as possible.

Although I have gone trough all the steps you can get a more comprehensive view of my table saw in the video bellow.( If viewing this on mobile phone the link below may not work I have put a link at the start sorry for the confusion.)

please check out my videos on my youtube channel

Step 6: Video

Check out my video



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Marcello just wondering if you have plans for your router lift? I liked how it looked and would like to make one similar if possible.



Thx Marcello, my crappy table saw is about to become a good one. Some great ideas here.

Sweet set-up, but I'm an unabashed "hand holder" (why the negative connotation here?). I have zero professional training but can follow a recipe, so to speak. I come here for INSTRUCTIONS and these mods would be immensely helpful for someone like me.

I appreciate the presentation, but unfortunately I prefer an actual "how to" over humble bragging. And I don't mean to deter people from being proud of their handiwork - I'm just saying this site was always intended to help others follow your plans so they can learn from people with more experience and innovation.

I did watch the video and it's super impressive! So, great job, but I'm chiming in with the others that this is technically "incomplete" as an INSTRUCTable and could use more details.

For those who are bored with complainers like me, maybe you should reach out to the site owners and ask for a second section where people can just showcase their final results? Constructive ideas are generally far more useful than crying about other people crying :)

nrini Hi, unfortunately I had made all the modifications to before i joined instructables or posting video to youtube,the crappy table saw is the only instructable that is a look at what i made .

I have made a instructable on the fence has i have made some changes and i have put a link here.please copy and paste to your browser

It wasn't meant as an indictment of your work - It's very inspiring and I like the video a lot. I was directing this more towards the people here posting that those of us looking for more direction are somehow out of place (INSTRUCTable being the operative word here).

I'll definitely check out the fence one this weekend!

Further the other comments of Jim, He not make anything, The work is fantastic and the video could not has dimensions but there are everything for make the general idea that is FANTASTIC

Hi dadybik, thanks for your words of encouragement

Let me say that in your video there are a thousend of words in pictures, with a little of imagination you convert a simple tool in a incredible one. You have to be proud of your work and mine a simple words.
Sorry for my english I am spanish speaker.
Best Regards
Esteban Bikic
dady at comodoro dot com

Hi Marcello, I'm planning to upgrade my "crappy one" to something alike!

Thx for some, more than applicable ideas!