Introduction: How to Make a Crown From Jack Fruit Leaves

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This video is to demonstrate how to make a crown from jackfruit leaves. Theses days kids tend to play with electronic devices such as mobile phones, game consoles,etc. But parents must guide them to love nature and live with nature. There are lots of toys can be made with materials can be found from our natural environment. This crown is one of them.

Step 1: What You Need?

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Step 2:

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Take the coconut leaf and remove the leaf part and take out the ekel

Step 3:

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Brake the coconut ekel into roughly 1 inch long parts. Make few of them

Step 4:

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Then take jackfruit leaves and stich them using coconut ekel parts prepared by previous step

Step 5:

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Stich 8 or 9 leaves according to match the circumstance of your kids' head

Step 6:

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Then joint two corners to make a circular part

Step 7:

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Then take another leaf and stich horizontally using another ekel part

Step 8:

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Now you have a crown made of 100% natural materials

Step 9: Final Product

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DevindaD1 (author)2018-01-05

wow its nice

Thank you very much!

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