this project is the very first i made with EVA foam . hunting the damn thing here was a challenge , since nearly noone sells it .

so i had to make a crown for my Suh Wang Moh cosplay , last year . being a complete neophyte in working with eva foam , it was a process full of learning and a lot of trial and error .

Step 1: Concept and Planning

first , we need to make the concept vector .it's better if you make it 1:1 in dimensions and think about the overlay of your crown .

next you need to deconstruct your crown , making a printable template for the eva foam .

Step 2: The Foam

since i used 2mm foam , i had to cut the outlines with scissors . it took the better half of a day , trying to go exactly with the shapes .when you have all your shapes cut , you need to use something to make them less absorbant . since most "exotic" art supplies are lacking around here , i had to go with the wood glue technique .

coat your parts in wood glue before painting them , either with acrylic paint or directly with spray paint . i used golden spray paint , copper accrylic paint for highlights and a little bit of brown acrylic to make the shadows .

after that , use varnish spray to seal everything .

Step 3: Gluing Everything Together

make a base with a large headband , making sure it can support the parts . either buy a large black one or use felt to cover one (like me )

start gluing your parts and embellishing with pearls , acrylic gems etc .

Step 4: Wear and Enjoy

<p>HEY BUT THAT'S REMU AND HFISSA O/</p><p>Great instructable *^* And the crown is so beautiful &lt;3 </p><p>Just wondering, where did you get the varnish spray ? (and how do we call it here espescially hehehe)</p>
<p>oh je l ai achete a rabat - ait baha . j ai juste demande un spray vernis au vendeur (specialise dans les fournitures artistiques) et il m a sorti ca ...</p>

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