How to Make a Custom Cookbook on


Introduction: How to Make a Custom Cookbook on

Tastebook is the spot to discover, organize, and share all of your recipes. But did you know that you can also create your own cookbook? You can take any of the recipe collections you’ve built (whether they are personal recipes you uploaded or a selection of recipes saved from across the web) and create a high-quality, custom-printed cookbook. Here's how:

Step 1: Create a New Collection for Your Recipes

Step 2: Upload Personal Recipes for Your TasteBook or Include Recipes You've Already Saved

Step 3: Edit Chapters and Label Them Whatever You’d Like

Step 4: Choose a Cover...

Step 5: Write Your Dedication Page

Step 6: Place Your Order!

TasteBooks start at $34.95 for 50 recipes but you can always add more at any time for an additional $.29 a recipe.

Need more recipe inspiration? Check out the TasteBook Blog for recipe ideas from celebrity chefs like Martha Stewart, food communities like Food52, and community contributors!



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    9 Discussions

    It almost seems like there is s way to build a cookbook on this Instructables site - there are the instructions but I can't find the place to actually do it! The old site seems to have been taken over by a group effort. I'd sure as heck like some more pages to add to my lovely cookbook! I have some free ones coming, but I'd gladly pay for it!

    I loved this site years ago; made a cookbook for my daughter. I would like to add to it and/or find my recipes. Is this possible?

    I made a cookbook on and need to make more copies of it. Is there a way to find it or is it lost forever? Help!!!

    1 reply

    Is there a way to retrieve my recipes??????

    Can someone please tell me I can recover all of my recipes I just lost. I'm freaking out.

    2 replies

    That's so awful! I was concerned about that very thing, so had them all typed in a Word program before uploading them. Thank goodness, I did! Maybe you can do a search for the recipe titles and find it? I haven't tried.... so sorry to hear this...

    Tell me about it. I was so close to hitting "print" and POOF! All that work down the drain. So disappointed and I haven't found another good quality alternative. If anyone finds a good one, preferably ring- or spiral-binding, please post!

    Looks like TasteBook isn't doing custom cookbooks anymore. A shame. I really like their binder option. I was looking around and it looks like CreateMyCookbook does a binder option ( I like that you can customize the cover too (which you couldn't do on TasteBook). You can't add other people's recipes like TasteBook, but you can invite friends to contribute which is nice.