Introduction: How to Make a Custom Sized Envelope From a Paper Bag

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To make a custom sized envelope from a paper bag you will need:
> A paper bag
> Something that needs an envelope:
a card, letter, document, picture, anything flat that needs protection or mailing
> Scissors
> Glue
> An iron

Step 1:

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Select a paper bag

Step 2:

Pull it apart where the glue seams are

Step 3:

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Step 4:

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Keep the useful part. Throw away what you don't need

Step 5:

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Choose a card or some other item that needs an envelope.

Step 6:

Most likely, the paper bag will have advertising of some sort printed on it.
Use the plain side of the paper bag for the outside of your envelope.
The printed side can be the inconspicuous lining of the envelope.

Step 7:

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No measuring needed.

Step 8:

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Fold the bottom edge of the paper up, so that the top edge of your card shows a little.

Step 9:

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Cut excess paper.
You will "wrap" your card.
No need to fight with too much paper.

Step 10:

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Fold the top edge down to hide the card, making sure to overlap the bottom edge.
Be careful not to crease the card inside.

Step 11:

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Take the card out of its wrap.
Put the card on top of the folded paper.

Step 12:

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Cut the excess.
Leave an inch or so on each side of the card, right and left.
Be careful not to cut the card !!!

Step 13:

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Fold the edges so they "hug" the card.
Be careful not to bend the card with these "hugging" flaps.

Step 14:

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Set the card aside for now.

Step 15:

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Make complete cuts at the 4 corners. Slant the cuts 45 degrees or so.
Start each cut at a fold, but don't cut the fold itself.
Making these cuts results in v-shapes when unfolded.

Step 16:

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Flip the envelope form over so the plain side shows.

Step 17:

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Cut near the fold, at a slight angle, toward the v-shaped cut.
Make 4 complete cuts, 2 at the top, 2 at the bottom.

Step 18:

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Iron out the resulting envelope form.
It will look a whole lot better.

Step 19:

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Fold the lower flap under.

Step 20:

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Fold the upper flap under.

Step 21:

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Flip it over.
Fold the "hugging" flaps inward.

Step 22:

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Put dots of glue on the "hugging" flaps close to their edges.
Dot from the bottom, up to the level of the overlapping top edge.

Step 23:

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Release the top and bottom edges from the "hugging" sides.

Step 24:

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Press the lower flap on the dots of glue.
Hold it a few moments to insure a secure bond

Step 25:

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Put the card in the envelope.
Finished !!


omahand (author)2017-03-29

Wonderful! So very creative!! What fun!!!

Ecobe (author)2017-03-28

is this a winner? I think so, i just voted! Carolle

Swansong (author)2017-03-27

That looks good, it would be fun to make with different patterns and logos :)

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