Picture of How to Make a Custom-faced Carbonite Sculpture out of Glass
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This instructable is an abbreviated version of a previous instructable describing how to make a casted glass sculpture of Han Solo frozen in carbonite.  The twist on this will be to replace Han’s face with a model of my own.

Step 1: Structure of the Instructable

Picture of Structure of the Instructable
There are six main stages in this instructable
  • Preparation
  • Creating the 3D Model
  • Making the Mother Mold
  • Making the Casting Mold
  • Performing the Glass Casting
  • Finishing Touches
really interesting seeing how you made that, totally out of my creative abilities but its a wicked instructable cheers, :)
Thanks for the compliment. I love to experiment with new processes.
Chris_432 years ago
I like it! The method has many other applications, well done.

FYI getting sharp photos in small depth of field conditions is now simple (OK. simpler).

Helicon Focus

an outfit in the Ukraine has built a package that is flexible and is like magic. It will even control your camera if it is on the supported list.

I am a user, no financial interest.

Tomdf2 years ago
I want one casted out of chocolate, we can call them Solobars.
ridiculously.awesome (author)  Tomdf2 years ago
I noticed after publishing this that someone did exactly that a few years ago.
This thing has over 200,000 hits!