This instructable is an abbreviated version of a previous instructable describing how to make a casted glass sculpture of Han Solo frozen in carbonite.  The twist on this will be to replace Han’s face with a model of my own.

Step 1: Structure of the Instructable

There are six main stages in this instructable
  • Preparation
  • Creating the 3D Model
  • Making the Mother Mold
  • Making the Casting Mold
  • Performing the Glass Casting
  • Finishing Touches
really interesting seeing how you made that, totally out of my creative abilities but its a wicked instructable cheers, :)
Thanks for the compliment. I love to experiment with new processes.
I like it! The method has many other applications, well done.<br> <br> FYI getting sharp photos in small depth of field conditions is now simple (OK. simpler).<br> <br> Helicon Focus<br> http://www.heliconsoft.com/<br> <br> an outfit in the Ukraine has built a package that is flexible and is like magic. It will even control your camera if it is on the supported list.<br> <br> I am a user, no financial interest.<br> <br> Chris
I want one casted out of chocolate, we can call them Solobars.
I noticed after publishing this that someone did exactly that a few years ago. <br>https://www.instructables.com/id/Han-Solo-in-carbonite-chocolate-bar!/ <br>This thing has over 200,000 hits!

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