The Almighty Grill........A dad must. Instead building my dad something just huge I settled for something smaller than a card. Literally! This grill stands about 5 inches tall and is designed (by me) to hold a phone! This lil' guy has an opening top, real looking flames, and realistic looking doors!
  Now your probably thinking that this is cheap and you want to by something for your dad not make something for him and that he'll like a store bought gift better......well.....your wrong. Dads love homemade gifts sometimes even more than store bought gifts and if you think I'm wrong try making this and giving it to him as a test!


    -card board-
    -knife or scissors-
    -grey,orange and black paint-
    -black glove-
    -paint brush-
    -Hot glue gun-

  Now I was able to do this for free and hope that you can too! Its very simple to build and I just know that any dad will love this!

Step 1: Top and Bottom

  The first step is to cut out the top and bottom pieces and when I say top I don't mean the lid.Lets begin.Start by taking your dads phone. Once you have the phone trace a line around it with a pencil and cut the shape out.Do this twice.These pieces will be the top and bottom and to make things a bit easier label them so that when your putting the grill together. These pieces play an important role so they need to be perfect.
  Well almost perfect.    0_o
thanks alot!
You are welcome, are you still my friend ?
Yep I am
Greatly creative!!! :D when bending cardboard try using a straight edge like a metal ruler or table top and you'll be impressed with the results!
Thank you for the advice and the positive feed back!

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