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Step 1: Watch the Video!

Step 2: Gather Your Suplies.

  • Punch board
  • Glue
  • Sparkle
  • Scissors
  • A thin strip of purple paper
  • A white strip of paper (6 x 1.5 inch)
  • A purple strip of paper (6 x 1.5 inch)

Step 3: Take the Punch Board and Punch in the Middle of the White Strip.

Step 4: After You Did It, the White Strip Will Look Like That.

Step 5: Turn It Around and Punch Again in the Middle.

Step 6: This Is the White Strip After You Punch It on Both Sides.

Step 7: Place the White Strip of Paper As in the Picture.

Step 8: Now Punch It in the Corner.

Step 9: After You Punch It in the Corner You Will Get This Shape.

Step 10: Repeat the Process for the Other Corners.

Step 11: Punch the Purple Strip at 3 Inch.

Step 12: It Will Look Like That.

Step 13: Turn It Around and Punch It Again.

Step 14: You Will Get This Shape.

Step 15: Get Rid of the Unwanted Part.

Step 16: Stick Them Together.

Step 17: Put Glue in the Middle of the White Strip.

Step 18: Stick the Right Side in the Middle.

Step 19: Do the Same Thing With the Left Side.

Step 20: Put Glue in the Middle of the Purple Strip.

Step 21: Stick Them Together.

Step 22: Put Some Glue in the Middle.

Step 23: Stick a Thin Purple Strip.

Step 24: Cut the Unwanted Part.

Step 25: Should Look Like That on the Back.

Step 26: Cut a Triangle Shape on the Right Side.

Step 27: Do the Same Thing on the Left Side.

Step 28: Add Some Sparkle.

Step 29: This Is It. You Just Learned How to Make a Cute Paper Bow.

Step 30: Make More and Use Them Like Decoration.

Step 31: More Project Videos!

Well now you know how to make a cute paper bow.

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