Picture of How to Make a Cyborg
Hey guys!

After showing you how to make a robot suit last week, we started to think of other ways to build your own post-apocalyptic society. This time we've got a way to turn yourself into a cyborg. If you can't find any of these items around...be creative! As always, we at Indy Mogul are always looking for new ideas so be sure to send yours to us! And don't forget to check us out on iTunes.

Shopping List

1. Large PVC connector.
(You could really use cut up pieces of cardboard if you had to, a bit of plastic looks pretty much the same as bit of cardboard if they are painted silver.)

2. An old Rolodex.
(I took this apart and used it as a shoulder piece.)

3. Some orange plastic cord.
(It just happened to be orange and I thought that would look cool.)

4. A magnetic coin tray.
(Again, just some piece of plastic crap I thought would look cool.)

5. Silver bubble wrap envelope.

6. Duct tape.
(You can probably assume I will be using duct tape in all my projects.)

7. Old costume jewelry.
(For the cyborg face implants.)

8. Nose putty.

9. Liquid Latex
(I was having some trouble sticking my eye scanner to my face, so I used a little bit of this to help)

10. Old leather glove.
(Just one)

11. Spray paint.

Step 1: The Face Implants

Picture of The Face Implants
So as I mentioned, I found two really cool pieces of costume jewelry at the East Bay Depot. Well all I really did is stick them to my face with a bunch of nose putty (to create a fake flesh build up) and a little bit of liquid latex (to help with the stickiness).
Hi we just want some expert advise please thanks
8bit7 years ago
finished product looks like what?
thats what i was just thinking!!!!!!!
ly1017 years ago
i love the general idea, but have u ever thought of adding some long guitar strings connecting the eye piece and the side of ur head ...can wait for the end product
ojochris7 years ago
Looks TOTALY AWESOME!!!!!!!!
thinknanew7 years ago
500 points if you explain how to make a REAL (steve mann) eyetap.
rockyt8 years ago
would love to see th finished product.