How to Make a DIY Chameleon Mug





Introduction: How to Make a DIY Chameleon Mug


Step 1: To Do a DIY Chameleon Mug You Need!!!

In today’s video I am going to share an interesting idea about how to make a DIY chameleon mug or as many call it thermo mug or heat transfer mug. The secret of making the DIY mug is in the thermochromic dye which gets transparent at temperatures higher than 31C. You will only have to paint out your picture on your mug with the black thermochromic dye, pour in some hot water and watch the black colour disappear and your picture appear.

The link for finding thermochromic dye -

Step 2: A 10 Gram Bag of the Thermochromic Dye Is Enough for Making Lots of DIY Mugs at Home.

That is why you 10 dollars will pay off right after your first or second mug.

Step 3: Let’s Get Started!

Click the “like” button and share the video in any social network. I will surely click a “like” button and write a comment. As soon we get enough likes and reposts I will show you how to make a DIY mug with your picture on it at home! What do you think? Let’s get started!



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    Great i'ble! Thanks!!

    Love it!!!!

    I am unable to find the like button! I like this idea and will put it to use next Christmas! Thank you for a fun gift idea.

    Step 1: buy thermochromic Dye. Step 2: Follow instructions on the package. All this article was good for was letting me know that such a dye exists.

    Really cool project. Good question gabgra11

    Instructables is a place to share cool and interesting ideas with other people, not to grub for likes in exchange for information.