How to Make a DIY Spray Paint T-Shirt





Introduction: How to Make a DIY Spray Paint T-Shirt

This week on Thread Heads, we take a look back at our first episode with a fun T-Shirt stencil and spray paint job. If you have any cool DIY projects like this one,send them in! send them in! And don't forget to subscribe to our podcast on iTunes!

Step 1: Stencils

First, with some poster board, trace a few designs. We picked crosses.

Carefully cut out the shapes.

Step 2: Dye

Using a plain white T, you can make your own color by using some rit dye and boiling water.

Step 3: Spray Paint (Part 1)

On one side of the shirt, use the left over poster board as a stencil and spray paint lightly to prevent the paint from bleeding.

Step 4: Spray Paint (Part 2)

On the other side, use the cut outs and spray paint.

Step 5: Personalize

Give your shirt a personalized look by cutting or poking holes, dying, and/or adding some cool stitching.



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    i believe this is a video on spray painting t-shirts. anyways, thanks for the tips ,. ive tried it before and it didnt work out so well, now i know what to do! great style!

    To get a sharp edge (i.e. fine detail) on this bit, you can use some spray mount on the reverse of the stencil, smooth the tshirt out nice and flat and then press the stencil down.

    Or, if you're only using your stencil once, you could cut it out of contact paper, and just stick it onto the shirt.

    I've found it in grocery stores near the detergent section, but they usually have very limited color choices. you might want to check online or several different stores. they're pretty inexpensive ($3) for a box, but be sure to follow the directions carefully. I've dyed a white dress blue and white jeans purple and it's worked fantastically.

    I have a shirt that I am going to try the spray paint idea questions are what type of spray paint should I use that works best? How would I keep the paint from bleeding too much from the stencil so I don't get too fuzzy a look and finally...Could I use glo paint over the spray paint so I can have a glow effect at night? Any suggestions would help thanks.

    By "lightly" you mean few times? How many actually? 

    you could put some posterboard in the inside of the shirt.

    I think 'lightly' means to hold the can far enough back from the shirt so that the paint doesn't soak through, but rather lays on top. You kind of mist it on until the color is as solid as you want it. I hope this was helpful.

    I printed some designs onto plain paper, then laminated them before cutting them out to make them more durable. If your design is quite complex & fiddly to cut out it's probably worth the effort. For simple designs like your crosses I guess it'd take longer than just making the stencil again.