Make your own sleek wide screen display in about 5 minutes (maybe less if you're one of the cool kids ;) Really easy to do - Looks great when it's finished!

Step 1: Grab Your Gear - TVs and DVDs

Grab 2 TVs, relatively the same size. It doesn't matter how old the TVs are, just as long as a modern DVD player can be hooked up to it. Set them side by side with as little space between them as possible.
&nbsp;So, saved money you say? but you bought 2 x tv's and 2 x dvdplayers + 1 x blank dvd disc :-P<br /> <br /> but yeah, I know it's meant to be funny and I give it a 3 on the dice.<br />
lame...<br />
1. It would be just as expensive to buy two tv and two dvd players as just getting a widescreen. 2. Copying a DVD is illegal. 3. You loose part of your picture between the tvs. sorry but that's not really a good idea.
copying dvds is legal if u don't sell them or give them to freinds
it's perfectly legal if <strong>it's for your own personal use only</strong> it's illegal if you <em>distribute</em> that copy, even to an individual person. i make backups of all my dvds, they're just on my hard drive, to be burned in the event of damage to my dvds.<br/>
joe is right. if it's for your own use, its legal. and yes, i own an original copy. So...yes, it was legal. And no, i didn't sell it.
Actually, in the US, if you break encryption or other copy protection measures, it is still illegal whether you own a license to the original or not. All thanks to the DMCA.
i hate the dmca and the idiot persident clinton who signed it in to law!! i'm in favor of the Digital Media Consumers' Rights Acts (look it up on wikipedia)
Oh, that was Clinton? He's an even worse person than I thought.
What about the Congress that passed it unanimously? Even if he vetoed it, they still could have pushed it through.
yeah, i know... still didn't like him as a president, though.
EHEM hes not "breaking encryption or other copy protection measures" its a DVD not like he has to break something to copy it.
actually now adays they do have encryptions on DVDs so you cant copy it what so ever
wrong. I currently have a program on my pc that decodes it, copies it, then recodes it to put it on a dvd.
i have the same software and i even have a software to create the ipod format for the dvd so i can watch my dvds on my ipod. all free software off the internet.
dude first decoding is breaking the encryption second its still illegal with most DVDs
even my own, eh?
by your own do you mean ones you bought or ones you recorded if its one you recorded im sure you can copy it if its one you bought you still cant LEGALLY do it
Sorry for using a vernacular, what I meant is <em>circumventing</em> copy protection. While there are unencrypted and non-Macrovison enabled DVDs, almost all new releases (for example, <strong>300</strong>) do have copy protection enabled. The tutorial linked is a how-to on breaking encryption.<br/><br/>A one-to-one copy is possible with encryption intact, but it would still not fall under any interpretation of &quot;fair use&quot; I've heard of, and still be a violation of copyright.<br/>
Copying a DVD isn't illegal. As long as your keeping the copy and your own the original. Most people buy a dvd and only use the original to copy it. After that they never use the original again.
Amen, why the hell would companies such as clone DVD, DVD dycrypter, clone DVD, etc be still "alive"? they've been around for ever nero just came out w/ 7 so they have been around for quite some time. their fight in court is that you the buyer of the original DVD have he right to backup you movies. Its just a matter of WHAT you do with those backups.
the tvs-that is what ebay and craigslist is for<br/>dvd issue-i refuse to talk because i dont want to misinform ppl<br/>losing-<br/><h2>SAW IT OFF BRO</h2>that last sentence was not because im biased justthe first idea in my head<br/>
Just buy a Widescreen Cheapskate.. LMAO AND IN LESS THAN 5 MINUTES, YOU CAN SEE THE CENTRE!
those TVs look fake.
they are
Is it legal to put a DVD on an mp3 player. I think it should be, because I bought the DVD, and I should be able to watch it on my mp3 player instead of buying it like how they sell them on itunes.
backups are legal if you own the disk. saying its not legal is like saying it is illegal to rip mp3 files from a CD you bought from a store and play the "backup" of the mp3 on an ipod.
Then how come they make it so hard?
because they don't trust us..
Nah the black bars ( and probably a little but not much of the actual movie) will be cropped from the top and bottom.
If you did this with some projectors there wouldn't be a gap, and you could have a humongous screen.
why would you need to do 2 at once then? the screen is already huge.
Why settle for "huge", when you could have "humongous"?
ha ha very funny
this is not an instructable. the tvs and dvd players do not match in the different pictures, and it was obviously photoshopped. this is spam.
it was photoshopped because I didn't have 2 different tvs to place side by side, so i used my sweet video editing skillz to create the perfect senario. It's just an example.
so your sayin even you think YOU own Instructable is to expensive and definitely not worth it?
It's expensive if you buy a nice, big tv. This tutorial is mainly for college students who have two ghetto TVs and just want a quick fix.
If you call liar to somebody, it will happen to you that that to me that they tried to lynch me. <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/EQ3B9AXF42X3ISL/?comments=all#CLBLOV9F5Y3YSZ7">https://www.instructables.com/id/EQ3B9AXF42X3ISL/?comments=all#CLBLOV9F5Y3YSZ7</a><br/>
I will defend you rimar about those lightbulbs to my last keystroke because the guy is just a skeptical twit (no naming hopefully no maiming) I made them they're shiny though thinner concrete can produce a perfect bubble free cast that when the glass is broken off looks like a dead bulb
Perhaps not, if you are civic of U.S.A
video was removed by metacafe...hmmm...
It was removed because it had a link to my site at the end, and they weren't fans of it.
The video above should be working now.
if your willing to actually do this id suggest just taking the screens out and putting them side by side
Original idea, kind of expensive unless you have two same size tvs, and two dvd players, plus, theres just that big gap in between. I'd rather watch it on regular tv...But yes good idea, bad functionality.
thank you
Couldn't you split the video wire and just use one dvd player if you know what I mean.

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