10 easy steps to how to make a debris hut

Step 1:

Grab a log piece of tree and begin to do a lashing to attach it to the tree. Do a square lashing

Step 2:

Make sure its high enough and secure it

Step 3:

Begin to add and break tiny pieces of tree chunks and put bedding of eastern hemlock all the way down until the branch ends.

Step 4:

Finish putting the tree bits

Step 5:

Now gather up some more sticks and do it to the other side

Step 6:

Gather up a whole bunch of Eastern Hemlock and make a pile

Step 7:

Begin to place the eastern hemlock on top of the Debris Hut and keep layering it

Step 8:

Add a second layer, but instead of using Eastern Hemlock use dry leaves

Step 9:

Make sure there is enough bedding and that there is no empty spots without eastern hemlock and leaves

Step 10:

You're done, if it's tight that's great because that means you'll be snug and warm

<p>I realize this is listed in the art category, but honestly it would be a great survival project as well. If you were in the woods lost, I see this as allowing you to at least stay out of the weather for a little time. You never know. </p>
<p>I remember making something like this when I was a boy scout! Great info! </p>

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