This is one way to make a dedicated server for Garry's Mod via port forwarding instead of using a hamachi client. The benefit to this is that anyone can go on your server, as long as you allow it. I will also teach you how to set permissions as well so you can lock people out too.
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Step 1: Download and Install the Half-Life Dedicated Source Update Tool.

Download the Half-Life Dedicated Source Update Tool here then run the program.

When installing change the destination folder to "C:\srcds" by clicking the "browse" button and then at the top of the window that says "Select Destination Directory" change whatever is in the top bar you can edit to "C:\srcds (If the file does not exist the installer will make the folder for you).

<p>Yeah, I don't have the orangebox from srcds.</p>
<p>it keeps saying no steam content servers available...</p>
<p>yeah blur that out ppl better not see you local adress or default gateway...</p>
<p>it dosnt matter if people know you Default gate way or local address the one you dont want people to know is your external. if you type ip into google that is the one you dont want people to know thats the one people can do nasty things with.</p>
<p>it funnt how much people make that mistake the local ip is only a problem if he on the same network</p>
<p>First part no longer works because HLDSupdatetool has been replaced by SteamCMD:</p><p>https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/SteamCMD</p>
<p><a href="http://billing.nitrous-networks.com/aff.php?aff=2087" rel="nofollow">http://billing.nitrous-networks.com/aff.php?aff=20...</a></p><p>It costs, but it inst much and is easy and worth the money. </p>
<p>i try to download it and my pc says it doesn't run on the pc, what the hell do I do?</p>
<p>Your step 2 confused me a lot. I was unsure if you meant to open up a normal command prompt, or the hldsupdatetool and paste it there.<br><br>This instructable seems dead so I don't expect a reply before I figure it out myself.</p>
<p>Thank You so much it helped me.</p>
<p>I get this when i try to update</p>
<p>theres no orange box folder for me just read me and other stuff</p>
the orangebox folder is empty :(
Every time I enter my default gateway it says&quot;Unable to connect to network&quot; or something like that. PLEASE HELP!!!
Can you go anywhere else on the internet? That sounds like a problem with your router.
It says &quot;Windows cannot find 'srcds.exe'
Then the Updater Tool did not install properly, try uninstalling then re-installing.
Where did your instructable go with the free money through the pay pal account?

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