Step 2: First Layer

The First Layer is the crushed pineapple layer.

So first, you need to decide on what flavor of jello you are going to use to suspend the pineapple in. We have used just about every flavor you can think of over the years, from strawberry and green apple, to blue raspberry and orange.

Once you have decided on the jello flavor, make it with half the water the box calls for because you are wanting your jello to be nice and firm.

If the box calls for 1 cup of water, use half a cup.

If you are doing a large batch, essentially a double batch like we do, you would use 1 cup of water total.

Make sure to use good water, such as the water from a Brita Water Filter (see this instructable on how to refill your own Brita Water Filters yourself).
<p>I have trouble getting enough fruit. This is a sweet way to help cover my nutritional bases. Granted, I realize it's also a treat not to overindulge in. A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down!</p>
<p>Do you think I could make this in a nice mold and turn it upside down onto a plate when it is all finished?</p>
In natural food stores in the US, they have Gel desserts that use something vegan. I like them and they set faster than gelatin.
I felt like it was missing something, so i added small container of blueberries ontop of the strawberries. Awesome:) Hope the Easter Bunny digs this dish! Thanx for the easy picture intructions.
im used watermelon and taste better
ewwwww i dont like fruit
I've never tried sour cream with fruits, but I certaintly will after making this! Thanks for sharing this!
It is SO awesome with the sour cream!In fact-the sour cream is a must!
Looks delicious! Great Instructable!
Nothing beats JELLO and strawberries and bananas and them all mixed together! Fantastic instructions. I will somehow have to convince my mom to buy some JELLO mix. (She is a nutritionist, what do you expect?)
Dont forget the pineapple too! heh. I wonder if there is an organic jello out there... surely there is. If nothing else, you could use gelatin with natural fruit flavorings.
there is natural jello here in Canada but im not sure if its in other places cause its made in Canada, usually just buy unflavored gelatin and make your own

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