Want to give a gift to friends and family members who are expecting a baby? Know someone who just had a baby? Don't be unoriginal and buy something off their baby register from a department store. Give them something they really need but dress it up. Make their gift . . . The Diaper Cake!!!

The 'Diaper Cake' looks like a white three tier wedding cake made from (new and unused) diapers and can be customized to fit the personality of the gift recipient. And can be made for as little as $35, but looks like it costs a lot more.

The 'Diaper Cake' can also be used as party decorations (as a smaller version-2 tier) or as a table centerpiece at baby showers.

The 'Diaper Cake' can be made as big or as small as you wish. If you like a challenge, see how many tiers you can make it.

Step 1: Materials List

  • Scissors - pointy ends work better.
  • Diapers (96 count shown) - I recommend getting Size #2 or larger- babies grow out of Size #1 fast, because the diaper is based on the weight of the baby, (not the load inside the diaper). Plus, the gift recipient can enjoy your beautiful creation longer before they have to break it up and use the diapers. Cost: Roughly $25.
  • Small decorations for the top tier (pick items based on the sex of the baby, the personality of the gift recipient, or the theme of the baby's room). In this example, I used a silk rose as the nursery theme was a garden. I have also used stuffed animals and sports balls. Cost:Prices varies.
  • Rubber bands in a variety of sizes - Used to hold the diapers together and makes a useful third hand. Cost: Free from work.
  • Cardboard round cake circles. I used 12" here, but you a can use any size depending on the size of the diaper cake base you need. Cost: $4.95 for a pack of 6, only 1 is needed per cake.
  • Ribbon - Decorative ribbon that matches the theme/color of the 'Top Tier' decoration.
Cost: Ranges from $1-3 for a roll of 15 feet. You will need 2 rolls.

  • String - will be used internally to hold the tiers together. It needs to be white so that it hides better among the diapers.
Good idea.
Cute Diaper Cake! Another thing you can do to complete the diaper cake is make the ribbons a little bit shorter and tie it into a bow.<br> <br> Abby<br> <a href="http://www.diapercakesbyabby.com" rel="nofollow">www.diapercakesbyabby.com</a>
Heres a picture of a diaper cake that I made. I basically use a cake pan to make them. I think its easier when you make it that way. Because you can easily control the shape of the diaper cake. I made more diaper cakes and you can view my <a href="http://www.diapercakesbyabby.com" rel="nofollow">diaper cakes here</a>.
Cool, however utilizing cloth diapers would be even better because it is nicer on the environment and gives the person giving the gift a more positive image. Go Environment!!! Also, using cloth diapers saves, on average, 60 dollars a month, plus dumping disposables with feces inside into the trash is illegal. However, your design is very well constructed and your idea shows. Good work. Go cloth.
I have never seen or heard of such a thing in my LIFE. But this ROCKS!!!!!
Great idea!! I have made something similar for friends when they gave gotten married but used 2 bathtowels for the bottom layer, 2 hand towels for the middle layer and 2 washcloths for the top layer then added travel size bath accessories that they can use during the honeymoon.
My wife has made a few of these for various baby showers. We have tried to do different themes such as Noah's Ark with different baby toys and she also writes out beautiful notes and Bible verses for the mother to be. We have used wooden dowels between the layers to keep them sturdy and after finishing we wrapped the entire cake with Cellophane. They turn out looking really nice and the mother to be is so appreciative of the thoughtful gift that is really useful. These are most definitely an affordable gift and this is coming from a cheap husband. Online you can find several retailers selling these gifts for between 150 and 300 dollars.

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