How to Make a Diaper Motorcycle Baby Shower Show Stopper

Picture of How to Make a Diaper Motorcycle Baby Shower Show Stopper
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In the past, I have made diaper cakes, where you roll up each individual diaper using a rubberband, put them into a circle shape, decorate it with cute baby things, and present it to a mother-to-be with oohs and ahhs from everyone.  A time consuming task, I reserved making that gift for only the most special people in my life who were going to have a new baby.

That was before I joined Pinterest.

I had pinned a motorcycle diaper cake to one of my boards, and when the time came to actually make the gift, I was unfortunately disappointed when the link I pinned took me to just a photo, and I was unable to see how to make the gift easily.

A quick Google search as I walked around Target took me to an exceptional tutorial on a blog here: Sweet Aprils, the Blog.
I give a huge thumbs up to the author of that blog, who literally saved my shopping trip and I was able to complete the easier, sweeter, cooler diaper motorcycle that had a bigger "WOW" factor than a regular diaper cake, in my opinion of course.

I dedicate this instructable, to my sister-in-love, who asked me to post the "How To" make this cool baby shower gift that only takes about an hour.
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So cute! I can't wait to give it as a gift!

Thank you so much for sharing how to make this!
DeandrasCrafts (author)  gcleopardgirl21 days ago

The hippo is adorable! I love the colors. Thanks for sharing!

gross0677 months ago

The folks I'm giving this to are not bikers, but I am, so I thought it would be a unique way to package up their registry items from me! I have to wait 2 weeks, but I'm really excited!

DeandrasCrafts (author)  gross0677 months ago

It's beautiful! Awesome job!

Sooooooooo cute
chris6031 year ago
would a 8 1/2 inch pan work also?
DeandrasCrafts (author)  chris6031 year ago
Absolutely! I would think you might use a few more diapers though.... :)
grannyjones2 years ago
DeandrasCrafts (author)  grannyjones2 years ago
Thank you! I think so too! ;)
scoochmaroo2 years ago
Wow, what a fantastic present! And such a lot of effort into the presentation.
DeandrasCrafts (author)  scoochmaroo2 years ago
Thank you!