Computer Shutdown Hack/Mod (useful for Pranks at School, Work, Friends, Ect.)





Introduction: Computer Shutdown Hack/Mod (useful for Pranks at School, Work, Friends, Ect.)

This instructable will show you how to make a disguised shutdown button on any computer that you have access to with your own error message that pops up. It's very simple if you follow this instructable and takes no more then 3 minutes. :)

DISCLAIMER- I am in no way responsible for any harm that is caused from this instructable. This is for educational purposes only and I am in no way advocating the use of this trick. (haha yeah right, but seriously if you get caught it's due to your stupidity, don't go saying "CrazyCory564 from told me to!!!)

Step 1: Creating Icon

This is the first step for creating the icon. All you do is right click anywhere on the screen, go to new, and select Shortcut.

PLEASE NOTE- Some school/work computers will not let you right click on the screen. If that's the case, just open the "My Computer" section from the start menu, and drag the dropdown menu to "Desktop". There should be a thing that says "New" on the top left somewhere, and from there you can choose Shortcut.

Step 2: Making the Shutdown Command

This is the hardest step of the entire process. (Note how easy it is) In the box where it says "Type the location of the item:" (may vary depending on computer, but it's the same idea) type this:
Shutdown -s -f -t (the number here must be 2 digits, and will establish the countdown time before the computer shuts down) -c "(What you type in here is the message that will come up during the countdown before the computer shuts down)"

For example what I typed in the picture:
Shutdown -s -f -t 10 -c "You got pwnd"

Step 3: Naming the Shortcut

All you do here is type what program you want to disguise the shutdown button as
I.E. Internet Explorer

When you're done, just click finish and it should look somewhat like the last picture on this step looks like.

Step 4: Making the Shortcut Look Real

Right click the newly made shortcut icon, and click on "properties". After a box comes up, click on change icon. Another box full of images should pop up. Depending on the program you're disguising the shortcut as, pick the image accordingly. When you find one you like, click ok, and then apply. After this, the shortcut should look very real.

PLEASE NOTE- If you had to go to desktop to create the original shortcut, you will not be able to do this step. You're stuck with the blank icon thats named whatever you named it.

Step 5: Placing Your Shortcut in the Appropriate Spot

If the shortcut is you made is named after a program that is already on the desktop, I suggest deleting the original shortcut. To do this, right click the original program, and select delete. Alternatively, just left click on the icon one time and press the delete key. After that, drag your icon over to take the old ones place.

If you made an Icon that wasn't originally on the desktop, just drag it to the other icons on the left of the screen.

Step 6: The End Result

Now you just sit back and relax knowing unsuspecting victims are getting their computers shut down thinking there is something seriously wrong. :)

If you really want to be mean, you can delete the program you named your shortcut altogether. You can do this by going into Control Panel-Add or remove programs- and uninstalling it.

Something that's similar to the image below should pop up, and after the counter runs out, the computer will shut off automatically. The only way to stop this is if someone deletes the shortcut, but I doubt they will figure out that's what's causing the shutdowns.

If you can't make it look real on school or work computers, you can just make this at your own computer and copy the shortcut to a disk. Bring the disk to the computer you want to screw with and pop it in. Go to the disk drive from my computer, and copy the shortcut from there to the desktop and then take out your cd. You can use it over and over again.

Any questions? Contact me by e-mail at or you can just I.M. me on aim. My s/n is GuitarMasta564



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Set up on a home computer, transfer icon to a USB stick, plug stick in to target computer, open the folder of USB, and drag icon on to desktop

cant you just copy to a google docs account and paste it on the schools computer


My school computer neither allow me to use My computer or any other folder for use as just because of their networking and security rights.

What to do in this case, as I can't be able to open any kind of folder or anything other then my institution permitted us to.

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