Introduction: How to Make a Double Single Bracelet

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Hi today I will teach u how to make a double signal Braclet I invented and the profile pic is wrong sorry

Step 1: Things You Need!!!

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For this u need:
1) Loom Borad
2) Hook
3) Rubber Bands
4) S or C or A clip
?? All right lets get started

Step 2: Placing the Bands

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Now as u see on the corner two lines u need to place bands on bothe sides keep going till u reach the top!!!!
Optional Advice: I recommend using my type of colour scheme like same colour for sides and a different colour for triangles!!!!! ( You will know about the triangles ahead )

Step 3: The Triangles

Picture of The Triangles

Now u flip the loom and the arrows should be pointing at u when u flip it!!!!!

Step 4: Looping the Right Side

Picture of Looping the Right Side

This might be tricky so pay attention on the pictures and the final piece of what it should look like after looping is given.

Step 5: Looping the Left Side

Picture of Looping the Left Side

It is just like the last step but be careful!!!!!

Step 6: Cutting the Triangle

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Please this is tricky so cut the one the hand is touching!!!! And after cutting it should look like the other picture.

Step 7: Slip Not

Picture of Slip Not

Pull the bands back and then add another band and tie it!!!!

Step 8: Take It Off

Picture of Take It Off

Done!!!! And add a extension if u want!!!!

Step 9:


seamster (author)2015-08-13

Nicely done!

Thanks so much and if you made it please post the picture

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