Picture of How to Make a Draped Vest from a T-shirt
Have you seen those great vests that are all draped and flowing down the front?  Want?  Me too.  Here is a way to make a simple one, out of a simple (read "plain" here) t-shirt.  No sewing machine, nothing but scissors and a flat place to lay out the t-shirt.  Because I am a large woman, I got a new, black , size M 2x t-shirt for this vest,  I have a black skirt and red and black top that such a vest would look great on.  Here we go.

Step 1:

Picture of
T-shirt (larger than you normally wear and color of your choice, +/- $5)
Fabric scissors
njohnson322 years ago
Thanks I like it alot and it was easy to do . The only problem I had though is when i tried it on the bottom part where i'm guessing the hem line was goes up to the middle of my back and the rest is long but i'm not sure what i could have done wrong.
craftknowitall (author) 2 years ago
No sewing involved at all. You stick both arms through the neck hole, so that the one shoulder seam goes across the back of your neck and the other shoulder seam goes across your lower back. There is no material across your back. Thanks for looking and asking.
adriana16162 years ago
Do you need to sew the sides together again?
scoochmaroo3 years ago
I love it! These are very stylish, I see them everywhere.