How to Make a Dress Form





Introduction: How to Make a Dress Form

This is a PowerPoint presentation I made to demonstrate how to make a dress form.  I, then, converted it to a video using a trial version of Power Video Maker.  I uploaded the video to You Tube.  I hope you enjoy this project.



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    I"m sure this is helpful, but it's difficult to watch. I keep having to pause it to read the screen when lots of text comes up, and the random swirling graphics are annoying..

    This looks great. I think it might be even more helpful as a step-by-step Instructable with all of the great pictures you've taken and text written up.

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    I've never received anything that says whether this made it into the contest...I Made It"
    Should I take my Power Point Presentation and submit it as photographs?

    Thank you,

    Thank you. It's my first submission. Should I re do the entry for the contest? Is that possible?

    Have you looked at the hundreds of sewing related Instructables and those for making dress forms? They should give you a good idea of your competition. My preference is to be able to read something and go back to it when there is something I don't understand. Your original PowerPoint presentation seems to fit the print type of Instructables format. Your submission is more like the 'giannyl' video type format.

    Thank you. Being new to this, I am taking all suggestions. I will submit the individual jpgs as a step-by-step, if you think that's what I should do.
    I don't understand what "giannyl" means. I'm a little slow here.

    I clicked on your link, but didn't see any there. I'll look them up tomorrow, by searching the instructables.

    Thank you for helping me.

    I love Threads, too. It's a great magazine. There are so many fun things to sew, there's not enough time to sew them all!! But, we should keep trying. :)

    we make body forms for static haunted house props the same basic way

    My wife has done this when sewing for herself and for others. She did not use foam to stuff the form, but used batting. It is a great way to get garments that do fit, especially if the wearer has a figure irregularity of any kind. My wife first saw the idea for this in a Threads Magazine.

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